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Australian Rally: Ogier Suitable


After the first day of the Australian rally, Sebastien Ogier (M-Sport Ford) opposed his opponents for the WRC, Thierry Neuville (Hyundai) and Estonian Ott Tänak Toyota).
Due to the sixth place in the World Rally World Championship, Ogier is in the final round of the season, winning over three points from Neville and 23 points in Tänak. If he had been left there, it would be holy Sunday.
After Sayan eight, Tänak ranks 5th, 21 seconds before Ogier, 10th, 7th and 55th seconds in Neuville.
However, Gappenzasis opens the way for rainfall irrigation dryers to compensate for this disability.
"I was attacked the maximum, and it was worse than morning," he added.

However, Ogier used the T5NAK front bumper loss on ES5 pumps and, particularly, poor reception at Neville's left rear tire. In ES6. Out of control, a 30-year-old pilot dropped his brake in front of the bottle and stopped.

Instructions for M-Sport

After the first reshuffle, the Belgian man who was dealing with the Estonians lost 53 seconds at SS5, setting the fastest time.
M-Sport also performed the team's instructions to slow down Welshman's Elfin Evans and Finland's Tamu Suninen Ohier in the overall standings.
And, as a result of its classification, the Neuville, which is nearly finished in the sand pots in ES7, opens up on Saturday the unexpected difficulty if unexpected heavy rain does not change the deal.
"We do not lose hope. We do not know what will happen in the next two days, although we have fewer opportunities, "said the vice-champion in 2013, 2016 and 2017.
As a result of the builders' winning, Hyundai lost a great deal in Toyota's duel because the Norwegian driver, Andreas Mikkelsen, refused to leave space at SS3.

Mikkelsen sits on the tractor unit

Mikkelsen and driver Anders Jaeger had less drama to instantly dump the organization's tractor.
The Commissioners decided to re-invent straw.
"Specialists know that they have been eliminated and have not been resolved," said team manager from South Korea Alen Penas.

General Classification after the Eighth Specific Period:

1. Mads Ostberg-Torstein Eriksen (NOR / Citroen C3) 53 & lt;
Craig Breen-Scott Martin (IRL-GBR / Citroen C3)
3. Jari-Matti Latvala-Anttila Miikka (FIN / Toyota Yaris) 8 & # 39;
4. Hayden Paddon-Sebastian Marshall (NZL-GBR / Hyundai i20) 12
5. Ott Tänak-Martin Järveoja (EST / Toyota Yaris) 16 & # 39; 9
6. Esapekka Lappi-Janne closed (END / Toyota Yaris) 28 & # 39; 3
7. Sebastian Ogie Giulen Ingr (FRA / Ford Fiesta) 38 & # 39; 2
Elfin Evans-Daniel Barrit (GBR / Ford Fiesta) 45 & # 39; 2
9. Teemu Suninen-Mickko Markulla (END / Ford Fiesta) 47 & # 39; 2
10. Thierry Neville – Nicholas Gillsoll (BEL / Hyundai i20) 1 & # 39; & # 39; 9

Specific periods include Lappi (ES1), Latvala (ES2), Ostberg (ES3), Tänak (ES4, ES8), Neuville (ES5), Breen (SS6), Ogier (ES7)

Cancellation: Andreas Mikkelsen-Anders Jaeger (NOR / Hyundai i20) SS3

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