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"Bébé du coffre": The second process of Séréna's mother after the orange parquet


Information on the fact that we can become part of the South Ossetia on November 22, 2018 has been confirmed by the civil society: this is the second case in Séréna, this little girl, a car in October 2013.

On November 16, 2018, Rosa Maria Da Cruz was sentenced to five years in prison in a Corridor court. South Mangistau damaged or sustained disease for 15 years growth groom I have met some of the requirements of a general lawyer who had been in prison for over eight years.

Selona Materre Isabel Faure-Roche, Attorney-Conseil de Correx, lawyer, At least four years have been very upset, they are very unpleasant, so they leave them unfavorable.

The second can be a process I had to leave in 2019, and I went to Limoges.

Levels or dispensing?

Lors du premier proces qui, November 16, 2018 However, there was no consent to this, though, that Maria Da Cruz had acknowledged that she had a car. Civilian parties and general attorneys strongly refuse the conscious distribution of the child in the circumstances described in this document.

Sarena, 18, was resumed on October 25, 2013 in a voice over the Terrasson garage in Dordon. An unpleasant variety of malnutrition and dehydration. The study shows that a little girl lives in a room and lives in a separate room. My mother did not know about my dignity, and I found a great secret that many people do not know to ashes.

Today Senena is 7 years old. He suffered severe psychomotor interruption. They are in trouble, and I appreciate 80% of the latest analytical reports.

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