Saturday , January 28 2023

Bernar Tapi delivers to Au's children! he now wants to experience


Bernard Tapi answered children's questions in C8 on Saturday, February 17. An entrepreneur, singer, actor, head of a football club, Bernard Tapey spent thousands of lives. Today, suffering from cancer, he describes the action he wants to do, rather than inspiration from his earlier works and his illness.

"I suffered from illness and illness, and when I went to public hospitals I was in misery, and I wanted to see many contradictory things – great things (… courageous hospital staff). They are incredibly helpful. Also, a big problem. They have the skills of treating patients as incomprehensible (…) What to do now is to spend time with medical staff and patients to help them overcome this difficult period.

At the beginning of this year, she has been involved in leprosy and esophagus for a long time in Le Pontine. "Cancer is a game of my life, but I'm sure it's a win."

C8's life, especially when he was a teenager, reports Bernard Tapi love family love and simple childhood.

"When I was a kid, I lived in a very difficult area, but there was a large municipal swimming pool within one kilometer away from home, and I had 20-30 friends and daughters on holidays, we were cheerful and when I had children, I lived in a house with a swimming pool. they are two brothers and sisters who are bored with each other, who are much less happy than me in the municipal pool, much less ashes. I am grateful for the opportunity to live, "he concluded," it did not prevent the company from being happy with it. "

In May 2017, the former businessman was actually sentenced to return to the state of more than 400 million euros for a decision to stand against Credit Lyonnais due to resale of the Addiast.

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