Tuesday , January 31 2023

BOOK – Memoirs of Provence: Non-Spontaneous Movement of Emmanuel Macro


EMmanuel Macron, during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Alliance's Allies, has been thoroughly selected as well as exchanging views with spectators.

On August 15, after memorizing the 75th anniversary of the Allies in Provence with the participation of two great African presidents and Elysées Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Macron offered to travel twenty-four minutes every week on major news channels.

Is It a Love for the People and a Spontaneous Exchange? Many observers and Internet users did not notice any of their members crowd He was wearing a secret bracelet near the President.

« After macro in the pizzeria, we leave the President's "spontaneous" group … or only the owners of the green bracelets For example, a local Republican delegate reacted to Twitter.

Indeed, these strangely pre-assembled bracelets assume that the gathered were thoroughly filtered and seized before contacting the tenant of the Champs Elysees, which was later confirmed. release his body through Checknews facts check.

The information received by the mayor of Saint-Raphael (WAR), "bracelets" blue or green, allowed to enter the ceremony, and it proved to be a well-controlled person «. Candidates for the meeting with the president had to register in the Elysées website and find themselves among the hundreds of available ones.

Emmanuel Macron, in the aftermath of the Cold War crisis in December, is gradually returning to part of the French in a few months after a gradual decline in popularity. Executive power also requires achieving good economic outcomes by declaring a record reduction of unemployment for 10 years.

The second wind seems to be inadequate for anyone to approach the President.

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