Thursday , August 18 2022

Burger Quiz: Alain Chabat is a great surprise for Marina Foy last time


The former quiz leader Alen Chabat paid attention to Marina Fuess, the regular guest of the game show. Whether or not the actress will use it …

It's D-Day Day. Wednesday, November 21, Alain Chabat his last Burger Quiz, begins the TMC flagship game before sending the torch to his companion Gerard Darmon, Eduard Bayer, Jerome's Commander, or Anne Depettini. In this regard, viewers have the right to choose their choice The most popular fast food products of PAF, because there will be several historic guests there. Among them are Jean-Paul Roth, Maurice Barthélemi, as well as Marina Phoise.

Kir Kiril Hanoi was killed on the questions of Alain Chabat's quiz "Burger"

I learned to play television, and that was it It was discovered in 1996 by Robins des Boisalways giving a laugh of about 900,000 loyalty – on average Burger Quiz. Because? 48 years old actress Alen reminds Chabat alwayswhen the game is broadcast Comedy +Fifteen years ago, guests were paid for. May Marina Foy rejoices: she will come back in time! Alain Chabat defended him a very nice surprise last time …

Alain Chabat focused on Marina Fuske

On Twitter account Burger Quiz, a short trailer appeared last November 17th. We will completely unveil the final player of Alain Chabat All of a sudden, Marina Fusce will benefit. « Marina, you often said you wanted to make a bang of death. If you're happy, it's not a day or never since it's the last one. first run 52 year old girl. As you've always remembered, fifteen years ago, you "paid" when you paid Burger quiz, which is not the case today. therefore If you win this BurgerMarina, as you pay.. For example, there is an actress My mom or dad can he achieve the degree? Answer this evening at 9 o'clock, For TMC.

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