Sunday , October 17 2021

Daily, the second half of November, 2018, with daily Yann Bartes

The second part of The Daily magazine will be repeated on November 12th. In Plato, Yon Bartes received Patrick Dempsey and Joel Dicker, "The Truth about Harry Kerbert" and Nicolas Serkis, leader of Indocrina.
On November 11, he returned to Donald Trump, putting hooks on Emmanuel Macro and traveling to the Boa Bellaire American Cemetery. He went on to speak with French President Paul Larrutrou on that day, he said.
This is a series of events this year. The Truth About Harry Cuartt Case, adapted from Joel Dicker's book, will be distributed on TF1 on November 21. Patrick Dempsey was the "Harry Kveber," a successful writer who condemned Nola Kellergan, who was the main role-maker, thirty years later. Joel Dicker and Patrick Dempsey in the "Daily" session.
About 40 years after the debut, Indochin fills concert halls into the desert. A group headed by Nicolas Sirkis will visit "13 Tour, 2nd Wave" on the French roads. To tell about it, the leader of Indochina is on a daily basis Monday.
At Petit Q, Vidi Papa tells everyone around NRJ Music Awards that Laurent Macabes speaks Bruno LeMeire's "Morning Ceremony" and Etienne Carbonnier's "cool relationship", and bicycle talks to Belgium and Transpi on Monday. Finally, on Monday, Alex Ramirez, we repeat ads for the deo.

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