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Endometrium: Are Doctors Sufficient Training?


The disease is still unheard of by some doctors, but gynecologists concentrate on their training.

After many years in the threshold and the illness, endometriosis is a subject of several medical studies. Experts may cause severe menstrual disorders and try to understand the chronic pathology that affects infertility and other organisms and affects up to 15% of women.

But this Thursday French National Gynecologists and Gynecologists College (CNGOF) is attractive Parisian : he requests the recognition and funding of specialized centers of endometriosis from France. Their missions: support for organizing and optimizing care, as well as teaching and research to improve the treatment of the disease.

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In fact, Francois Golfer, chairman of the CNGOF Endometriosis Commission, says the disease is "unknown to certain experts." "We are introducing the subject of endometriosis in universities[[[[general education, Ed.]doctors, "says L & # 39; s Therapist.


President of the EndoFress Endometriosis Society, Yammin Kanda, points out that "Los-Express" has a lack of "Los-Express" medicines: "Last year we met with Professor Chapron [chef du service Gynécologie-obstétrique de l’hôpital Cochin à Paris et spécialiste de l’endométriose] right Errors in Endometriosis. The book was public, but many doctors who sent it were learning a lot from this book. They were general practitioners and some city gynecologists. "

"There was no talk about endometriosis a few years ago […] and old doctors were not necessarily informed enough, "says Professor Phillip Descamps, obstetrician gynecologist and author of the book. Doctor, I still have a problem, published by Larousse. "But you have to put things in place, you are not a gynecologist without endometriosis, there has been a real change in the last three years, and it is very important to know about this disease. Associations have a fundamental role in this fight, they do a great job and I do not want to know if there is a disease today, "he said.

"A great deal of effort"

Professor said the vast majority of urban gynecologists are well trained for this disease, and hospital doctors believe that endometriosis is commonplace because they "work". in order to reach great success, "to inform some who are in line for their accomplishments.

Continuous knowledge for endometriosis. EndoFrance organizes seminars for doctors and provides trainings at various university hospitals. Congresses are organized, for example, annually for Prof. Dr. Descamps General Practitioners. "Physicians do not live in the desert, they know the internet," says a gynecologist.

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Thanks to the training of doctors, the most common occurrences of endometriosis have been detected by preventing the ill with women and introducing new technologies into medical equipment, says the doctor. "We see damages that have not been seen today 15 years ago," he says. Persistent methods such as sonication are also tested.

Listening and Aid

"It's not logical when she tells the doctor that she has had serious moments," she says. "If a woman suffers from a stomach pain is painful, it does not mean that she has an endometriosis," says Descamps. Professor Golfir: "90% of women are suffering from their stroke. To determine endometrial diagnosis, first of all, it is necessary to examine the pain of the menstrual cycle. Gynecologists must listen and help. «

To ensure this support, both professors and President of EndoFrance also invite the network of endometriosis expert centers in France, currently recognized as Rouen. "We have to explain to some patients that there is a certain number of these centers, and there is someone in Anjer," says Phillip Descamps, "but we have done it regularly. In fact, if he becomes a big one, we will need state resources. "

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