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France and Facebook collaborate on a social network to fight hate

Emmanuel Macron and Mark Zuckerberg on May 23 at Elise.
Emmanuel Macron and Mark Zuckerberg on May 23 at Elise. POOL / EPA-EFE

France wants a new step in the fight against hate speech in social networks. Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday (November 12th) his intention to create a joint working group with Facebook in his speech at the Internet Governance Forum. Mark Zuckerberg team agreed to six months of experience in early 2019. Representatives of the French authorities will have access to Facebook tools, methods, and employees and will be able to see anti-Semitic content. homophobic or sexist. "That's the first. And I am an innovative practical approach that illustrates a cooperative approach that I support, – explained Emmanuel Macron.

This group, which consists of dozens, consists of an equal number of Facebook employees and members – engineers and lawyers … – French Authority: Arcep, managing telecommunications and Internet technical regulation; The Supreme Council of Audio and Visual (CSA), in particular, is responsible for the content of the TV and radio; inter-religious, departmental direction of information and communication systems …

The operation is not yet clear

It can be an experience for Elisha"Proof of Company's Validity and Effort" fight the content of hate speech. This "Pilot Practice" should allow them to start a lasting and profound dialogue between social networks and authorities, their debates are very complex and uninterrupted. Emmanuel Macron's collection inspires government officials to regulate banking or nuclear industries that control the processes of companies interested.

There may be hidden privacy or privacy issues

However, the introduction of this group causes many questions. Also, during the discussion with Elysee, Google has also determined that it is already early in the same way. The functionality of a Facebook team is not clear at this point: the work program is at its initial meeting. The requisite does not have the competence to do so and the actual perimeter of the internal information that is available to it will depend on the goodwill of the social network. There may be hidden privacy or privacy issues. In general, it is difficult to predict that the project will bring interesting results.

Facebook member countries can visit Ireland, Dublin, the European headquarters, or the United States, Silicon Valley, Menlo Park headquarters. Besides, can this approach require other states to have equal access to Facebook processes?

Good will

According to Elysée Facebook, the genesis of this working group is dedicated to the May debate between the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and Emmanuel Macron. Good technique, In Paris. The President of the Republic explained to the head of the social network that it would work together in the beginning of 2018 to avoid the text of the law, as it was introduced by Germany: large platforms, if they did not eliminate strict content very quickly.

In turn, the head of Facebook is interested in the views of the French president, said Nick Clegg, the vice president of global affairs.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, we believe that in the lives of people, the importance of the Internet will increase and the importance of regulation. At the same time, the best way to ensure that the regulation is effective and effective is collaboration with governments, regulators and business representatives, learning from one another and learning new ideas. We thank the French government for its leadership in this coordination approach. «

Adjust content shared by over two billion users

Facebook hopes that this working group will enable France to reach France in the amount of over two billion users around the world to manage content sharing. The complexity of this complexity is often combined with social networking, which, in spite of violence or racism, is subject to debate on online content. The American firm once again cares for the good intentions of its state.

But in order to avoid heavy regulations in the German language, Facebook opens its door to France. Facebook leaders do not criticize the Berlin Initiative, which punishes punishing companies for repeatedly promoting freedom of expression to avoid fines.

"The Public Power Is Not At The Level"

On Elysée's side, Facebook's initiative is a more flexible common lawyer, leceess-fay, and the voice of the law "It is tough". Macron does not want the team "Digital platforms should define the boundaries of freedom of expression"because that's it "There is no such thing as giving them legal power". But, according to the President of the Republic, "Public Authorities on Technical Topics are Not at Google, Facebook, or Amazon". This test was one of the ways to overcome this gap.

Emmanuel Macron strives to show that in the European perspective it will not act against digital giants in 2019: The working group on Facebook is considered to be the expansion of the summit of Elios. Good technique i Choose Franceaccording to our information, will be renewed in 2019, May and January. This initiative is also proposed as a French taxation platform for large platforms, French law on information manipulation, European regulation of personal data or the latest European copyright directive.

Elysée hopes that, like Facebook, it will contribute to experiments «New normative regulation». Both sides will not rule out that they may be distributed to other types of titles or to other countries.

Aviation Report

This test is part of a widespread fraud in Paris or Brussels, which since 2000 has enabled online content management to alter the rules set out in the e-commerce directives that make the publisher's charter a distinctive feature. content and owner. "We need to change the legal framework, "says Emanuel Macron, a Paris-based LRM deputy in Laitia Avia, in his latest report, "Third-Personality" so-called «Content Accelerator» : It relates to search engines such as social networks and Facebook, Youtube or Google, but does not represent their content «Éditorialisent» their classification, especially through algorithms.

This new regulation allowed the government to blaze the French architecture, none of which is currently dedicated to online content. The "Aviation" report helps CSA expand the authority of the long-term prospective candidate who creates online racism and hatred or online content.

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