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Griezmann is opposed to French justice


Wednesday, November 21, 2018 Published at 10:20

After the friendly match against Uruguay, Antoine Grisman Ballon denied his victory for the victory and did not criticize the French mentality for his personal rewards.

Antoine Grismann scored first in the 52nd minute of the match against Uruguay, and was fully responsible for the penalties. Madilinian eventually chose to rebuild Olivier Girud, with some difficulties and confidence in some games. "I had a good day," Grise smiled. He asked me, and I said yes. In my opinion, he asked me for that laugh, but for a good day I left it. "The gesture that Griezmann was primarily a collective – he has been criticized by Ballon & apos; s competitions. The winner of the Europa League and the World Cup and former Real Sociedad, which is crucial in the two finals, is a favorite.

But Rafael Varane and Klian Mbabe are against the fact that the superiors are part of an oil collective that can collectively demand. Griezmann's relationship does not go to France, where he has been criticized for his lack of prospects with the simplicity of his beloved Luca Modric. After Uruguay, the blues striker returned to the title of this tournament and regretted the French mentality, paying great attention to the NBA, where MVP rank is as important as the title of the champion. "I'm not against Ballon D 'Or, but I want to win it. The question in France is when people try to reach a person, and they do not like it. But I am proud to be here and I hope to win it. There are many more players we can see. "Frank Ribery took part in the battle in 2013 and enjoyed the Ballon d'Or depression. We hope that Grasi will be a bit hindered.

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