Saturday , October 23 2021

GSH: Kavani, Matador – Ligue 1 Returns


The Uruguayan striker, who had been silent for several weeks, found Sunday in Monaco.

Hi, come back! Edinson Cavani landed in Monaco, lack of confidence, lack of goals and objectives. He went away again. The Uruguayan striker allowed the PSG three times to assist in the video, assisting Montongask's Sunday Fighters, Louis II (0-4). Neymar was responsible for the fine during the playing hours, and despite all the great success, he did not say that all the disadvantages were astonishing … However, Kawani needed this uncertainty. His ultimate goal? He took part in the Belgrade Red Star (6-1) until October 3. So the time has come!

Since then, some of the performances have been isolated from the front and an injury to the calf. Thus, Uruguay is only in the last quarter of Naples, with Marseille (2-0) and Lille (2-1) before the previous gardens (1-1). "Mark is always cheerful, he will strike Canal +. We are attackers, we live from it. For confidence, points are important. Hard time is for all players. Always pay attention, train well, work for the team. And then, the moment changes. It's like football. «

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Of course, the weakness of the team led by Thierry Henry encourages us to compare with praise, pride, and analysis. But at a certain moment, the teams need to be afraid to grab bars, especially to taste things. Even though Neymar and Klian Mbépé are all perfect at night-to-fight battles … "It's important to be together with the main attacking players," says Thomas Tuchel, quartet Neymar / Mbappé / Kawani / Di Maria. In addition, they are competitors. I'm delighted that Edie has scored three times, and he needed confidence. As 9 players, scoring in several matches was difficult. He can now join his national team with the right mentality. It is good for us. "

With VAR

This will allow the German trainer to resume with Toulouse, especially in the French champions' league against Liverpool. "What he does is unclear, and enjoy the tycoon Silva. He is an important player for the team, the club's scorer. We are glad because we do not have two games after the game, he returns and has scored three goals. She is also happy. I think it will continue in the same way as it is very strong.

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Even stronger when it is good. This was a Sunday event, thanks to the battery, Moss Diaby replaced the same piston. Two assistants on three mattress goals. First, Kawani likes Nimar's blow to Minneapask's goalkeeper and sends his opponent to open his opponent. Everything is VAR friendly. The first two achievements of the stakeholder were first abandoned. After reviewing pictures before official confirmation. At the end of the first round, VAR was the only one to eliminate Julian Drexler's goal.

This triplet hopes to make Cavanin's smile, which is sometimes referred to as Haffiin in the last week. And not only because of its shortage … Although the technical relationship with Angel du Di Maria and Neymer / Mbepé duo is evident, four attacks will be aimed at achieving their goals in a star-balanced PSG. Now, while he is talking to the cameras BeIn sports"The goal is to go to all competitions. League, cup and Champions League. There is still much to be done to improve the ongoing and long way. Is it for my benefit? We work for that. We try to get 100% of the highest scores in all matches. " It can be trusted Kawani, who has scored nine goals in 12 matches and one goal for League 1 (8 matches) in all competitions. , 8 goals).

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