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HearingFitness is a premier fitness technology


HearingFitness – It is the first sophisticated fitness technology and then it launches Oticon. However, a mobile application that analyzes user data to support hearing loss.

Thus, the manufacturer tries to improve the Oticon hearing technology. Through HearingFitness, a modern, modern discovery tool or a combination of its hearing aids Oticon Opn.

Due to the good health condition, the hearing age is at present

Today, many improvements have been made in innovations, especially in health care. In this regard, the user is most actively involved in it. Hearing ability is thus to prevent social isolation. Additionally, hearing improvements have many health benefits.

Thus, health allows people to communicate with each other. It is also possible to exchange and exchange the world without difficulty. All of this may be with hearing impaired people.

For this reason, Oticon launches the HearingFitness application, a precursor in the field of electronic health. This tool combines data about the hearing status of the person and his / her overall health status. Thus, the use of the appliance enables the listener to control hearing impairment. This person is trained in good surroundings as it develops.

HearingFitness - CES

An application for good health and hearing management

Like a sports program, HearingFitness provides information that can help hearing impaired people to understand each other better. This is how to optimize their behavior and hearing habits, and learn how to improve their hearing.

Thus, each user controls his health through HearingFitness. He sees his achievements and even monitors the time he uses his hearing aids. In addition, he encourages and warns him. Another fact is that people may know the noise level that affects them. All this helps to improve the lives, hearing and helping individuals.

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An Approach to Good Living and Good Friendship

Appstore and part of an exclusive app From the fireplace, HearingFitness offers a few things. They include sound media and optimal listening programs.

It also provides alerts from data that can help you set your hearing goals. It also monitors progress in data collection that helps develop future products. Finally, the reminder function also helps to get the sense of hearing. Indeed, ads for the first time encourage the user to keep hearing aids intact.

For example, after daily and regular use, it will receive a message that encourages the correcting of its goals. "Congratulations, you have exceeded the goal of listening in the last two weeks. Want to change your goals? «

Data collection to improve hearing technology

HearingFitness collects various data. Listen and user status. For example, the use of hearing aids and audio environments as discussed above.

Data from other applications and portable devices may also be analyzed. Indeed, the HearingFitness application collects other information. Thus, it is useful for heart rate measurement and sleep patterns to guide users to useful practice.

HearingFitness action

Finally, by combining real-time data provided with hearing aids. It analyzes data collected globally by all users of the user. All of them provide lifestyle and health information. Thus, HearingFitness improves the hearing of users and develops according to their personal habits.

In addition to hearing impairments, data analysis through the HearingFitness application will help future Oticon's future hearing aids.
In CES 2018, HearingFitness received an Innovation Award in the category of "Software and Mobile Applications".

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<h2>Oticon Opn incorporates hearing aids and IFTTT</h2>
<p>If Oticon is the first producer to hear the world of hearing, this is thanks to the Opn hearing aid. In fact, Oticon has developed the first earphone that has been connected to the Internet.</p>
<p>Oticon Opn hearing aids can communicate with different objects through the IFTTT (If This This That) network. But this communication is reflected on a daily basis by improving the quality of life of each consumer. Thus, the IFTTT site allows you to do actions: if this action is (If This), then that action (and then that).</p>
<p>An example of an IFTTT action is here to avoid being too technical.</p>
<p>To do this, merge devices with the IFTTT application and the Oticon ON app. Then select the actions you want to perform and after you write them. Note is synchronized between the phone and the Opn hearing aid. Thus, for example, you can add the lamps that have been added after you turn on the earphones. Unlimited possibilities, which can further improve the daily lives of consumers.</p>
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In addition, there is white paper on HearingFitness.

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