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How many diesel cars are in the section?


Diesel has long been a French-selected fuel. Diesel cars are still available for sale, although most of our roads are still over: one-third of new sales.

However, the park remains as large as shown in the survey. In September 2018, about 27 million diesel vehicles were available for less than 20 million cars. With regard to the number of electric vehicles, it is more than 0.1% of the fleet.

Fuel of popular classes

Research on the total number of municipalities confirms a general mistake that diesel diesel fuel. Smarterly, the municipality has a high income, with a lower share of diesel. Petrol cars are located in Paris and its suburbs, especially in the most favorable areas: 73% of the Neuilly-sur-Seine park, 72% in the 16th district or 71% in the 7th place.

It opposes most of diesel fuel in rural areas or in major cities that are no different to Marsel.

Therefore, the comparison of diesel fuel with gasoline should be gradual, and the new phase should be cut in January, and therefore affect working classes. The reason for this misunderstanding is that the government nowadays has a lot of yellow vest furniture.

Please check the section number below with the simulator:

Jean-Michel Lahrier
Published on 22/11/2018 20:37

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