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Hypoglycemia, daily invitation to diabetic patients – 12/11/2018


Chronic disease, diabetes can lead to hypoglycemic episodes. For patients, this is a sign of many symptoms, such as dizziness, ear cramps, concentration, difficult nights … For a long time, patients are not "reanimated". Today, there are effective and innovative solutions.

"Diabetes mellitus hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar levels are lower than 0.70 g / L," explains Louise Kessler, Diabetologist at the University of Strasbourg. These injuries occur twice a day in diabetes-dependent insulin.

« Typical symptoms – swelling, sweating, confusion, or dizziness. In some cases, hypoglycemia remains silent: this object is called asymptomatic – it is more difficult to prevent. Silent or not, these "crises" affect everyday life. « Hypoglycemia should be taken seriously. It weakens the patient everyday. Access to brain cognitive hypoglycemia, called brain glucopenia, results in concentration, memory, and even discomfort "says Kessler.

Wait for "Crisis", maybe

However, hypoglycemia is death. Already existing solutions are designed to protect the patient from hypoglycemia. For example, Medtronic offers a glucose sensor linked to an external insulin pump and pump. This system allows you to stop entering the insulin at the risk of hypoglycemia and restart the administration when the glucose level is elevated.

Thanks to these systems, episodes of hypoglycemia can be avoided. « The more independent, the patient knows his illness well and manages it well "says Kessler.

Hypoglycemia, stop tomorrow!

Now it is possible to reduce the effect of hypoglycemia. Until the World Diabetes Day – November 14 – Medtronic's #StopHypo hypoglycemia awareness campaign is offered to patients and caregivers. More information on hypoglycemia is available at and at Medtronic Let's Talk Diabetes FB. Diabetic patients are encouraged to share their stories and share experiences so there is no need for hypoglycemia.

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