Friday , June 9 2023

Jacques Brookel: "Rugby should support the fight against homophobia" – Rugby


The Old Triad is universal "I appeal to all peoples for their actions, and I think the Rugby must support this, Bruynel announced the announcement of his squad for the Fiji. "We will show these disagreements fully," – Brunel was called the Frenchman «First» He answered Toma's call.

Gareth Thomas, who has won the 100-member team in Wales and has two captains of the British and Irish Lions team, announced Sunday that he was a victim of a homophobic attack on Cardiff. he hopes "Right". It looks mild on the surface and on the left side of the skull. Gareth Thomas retired in 2011 and protects the rights of homosexuals.

The question of accepting homosexuality in rugby emerged in the spring, and Australia was worried about its federation when Israeli Foley said their hospitals were ready to go for hell. Her colleague, David Pokok, a wedding party activist, did not agree with the back, but said he did not interfere with playing together.

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