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Khulote "worthy social support"


VIDEO – 2-Lemma Policies Hotel in France, former minister plans to introduce carbon tax.

He eventually became silent. On the following day after unexpected resignation from the government for three months, Nicolas Hullot appeared again at public debates Thursday night. An hour and a half ago, the questions about the "political problem" of France, dressed in the traditional Mao t-shirt, former minister of ecology and solidarity. The government, along with its "yellow shirt" movement, faced a crisis of the fourteenth crisis, the ecologist "refused to enter the dispute." "The thing I'm interested in is not what we did yesterday, but we can not be alone tomorrow," he said.

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Nevertheless, the former government did not criticize certain types of executive power. And especially in taxation. "We are not against environmental issues and social issues. This is a fraudulent discussion, "he said," wanting to integrate the end of this month to the end of the world. " "Ecology is not the task of the wealthy, but the task of the rich," he added, investment costs associated with energy transition from the Maastricht criteria. "Today's cooperation is not today's. If I called my "Environmental Transition and Cooperation", it's not just about writing a landscape. The shift can only be supported, "he continued.

Crisis of yellow shirts "cancel"

"Hopelessness does not work in the world, where financial tyranny monopolizes many goods," says Ushuaia's former head, ISF as the mother of all evil. "We should not go back to the carbon trajectories, but we need a worthy social support for the title," he said, saying that the current tax is "unjust."

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There is no need to have a yellow thread and do not have to be on the left side of the political spectrum to say such an expression, "It's the people who come to the trap". "This crisis (" yellow shirts ") was premature," he did not "hear" Emanuel Macron and Eduard Philip at the end. "I've been battling specific proposals, especially in a few weeks ago, to change the scale of social support, especially in terms of energy and environmental transformation. (…) I was faced with budgetary charges and learned lessons, "he said.

Nicholas Hullot admitted that he did not regret the departure of the government, and his resignation did not mean "the end of his obligation." Then he would not consider the "second" as a "fantasy journalist" in 2022, which would have the presidential ambitions. In May next year Idem about Europeans, he can not be a candidate … He does not even support any list. "I will be available, but not in the usual political sphere," he concluded, promising to introduce a table from an "open source".

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