Sunday , October 17 2021

Laura Spinney's murderer: Spanish flu and plague more deadly than the Great War

For thirteen weeks, from mid-September to mid-December 1918, Spanish flu epidemics killed 50 to 100 million people all over the world, including poet Gian Apollinaire.

On November 9, 1918, Gioma Apolliner calmed her last breath and shouted at the seventh lease that the Parisian streets were "Gio died!" Ironically after the rejection of the German emperor William II.

The great poet, who had suffered a tragedy and training, was at the age of thirty-eight years old by the Spanish flu. "No, it's not a Guy, it's not worth it," he sang. Girls' Song. Dramatic misunderstanding.

The Spanish pandemonium, the pandemic planet, the greatest of all time, was, in fact, infinitely tragic, but hidden and forgotten. The virus H1N1 can be transmitted from birds to humans. It has infected 500 million people, three people in the world.

From March 4, 1918 to March 1920

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