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Liver cirrhosis: It is dangerous to eat without eating

[ad_1]© Adobe Stock"Alcohol is a known cause of cirrhosis, but we do not know whether the type of fluid intoxicating or absorbing will change depending on the frequency consumed," researchers say, a million women study published in a British medical journal. Lancet November 21, 2018. Research has shown that this method can be used to consume alcohol. According to scientists, "Avoid daily drinking, and if this is the case, then it is better to eat while eating more than an aperitif and other foods.". To achieve these results, the aim of the study was to investigate "associations in the consumption of alcohol, daily consumption and liver cirrhosis".

"The frequency of cirrhosis increases in women in the consumption of alcohol"

During the research period 1935-1950 401806 healthy women were born and resettled from 1996 till 2001. How often and during the week they will be drinking during their meals. Among them, in 2016, about 1560 liver cirrhosis was hospitalized or died of this disease. The higher alcohol consumption, the higher the risk of cirrhosis. Approximately 203,564 people reported drinking while drinking, but taking into account the amount of alcohol consumption, women who are eating lungs develop liver cirrhosis more than those who drink more than alcohol. "Frequent cirrhosis in women increases with the total consumption of alcohol, even at the normal level of consumption. In the weekly consumption of alcohol, this consumption is high in cirrhosis. they are usually non-nutritious and are daily, "researchers say. It is important to keep in mind that there is nothing to compensate, namely: drinking excessively alcohol every week is a health hazard.

Alcohol is endangered even after removal

Researchers at the 77th Congress of Tuluza Association of Livestock Research in France reminded that researchers are the only effective means of preventing – one-time alcohols can be used at an average of two glasses per day. a woman and three men. Particularly excessive consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
According to the Franco-Belgian research, at the conference, patients with alcohol cirrhosis have high risk of liver cancer since their diagnosis. Thus, in these patients full alcohol consumption or consumption is very normal, the rate of liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) is 3% per year. But research by Dr. Le Figaro, for Dr. Natalie Gann-Carre, proves that ultrasonic control of patients with alcohol cirrhosis is medically and physically profitable. cost ". Therefore, the researcher recommends regular chemotherapy for patients with cirrhosis associated with alcohol.

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