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Lorraine Sport ASNL will remain in the dock

There are no miracles for Francis Le Bleu. ASNL has been logically attacked by a highly armed team, which is not accidental. But Nancéiens has announced some interesting progress. Very bad, they could not keep the same strength and quality after physical and mental peace. Brest is also for something. Ability to miss another.

Innovations are rarely ASNL this season. We love them. For the first time in fourteen games Nancéiens took the wardrobe and clothed it. Everyone comes by the way, even though they were close to correcting Bretton's head even though they did not even steal. Earlier, Alon Perrin had recalled the expensive Anthony-Cora reminiscing eleven times, and had a good strike against the Ligu 2 best attack.

As well as …

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Robik opens the counter

However, we have noticed that the Nenchisians made many mistakes at the start of the game. There are two boxes with key boxes (Coulibaly and Robic) and many ammunition for Mathias Autret, a ballistic expert at the Brestois stadium. Fortunately, no results. This commitment was still a good sign. It was ASNL game. He made good choices. If Bush was unable to miss the first chance, Robin was attacked by Moyamba and confused Bondon's defense against Larsonnor (0-1, 21).

Should Alain Perry touch her? In any event, Nancéiens tried to keep the ball simple, sometimes intact, despite the shortage of attack, despite the shortage of attack, despite the shortage of attack. Brest woke up at half an hour. But at one point the good luck was on Lorraine's side. The Cherniysk cross was not released from this caviar palace; Charbonnier did not miss the frame, and Chernitz died long after Aisas.

Not a problem, Brest found the solution. A new ball in the back of Nancy's back, when he returned home. Sharbonnier, who interconnected with Seka and Moemba, made an impeccable move (1-1, 47 & # 39;). ASNL suffers one or both waves and, at the end of it, plays Chain Fireman (55) by sending Chernus Fussurier (48 & # 39;).

Chernik's mistake

ASNL rebuilt its surface and flipped off to the last quarter of the hour. On the other hand, because of the shortage of gas, despite the fact that the new blood was released, he could no longer be able to execute it purely. Only Busin was concerned about Larsonur's accusation. On the contrary, Breton's threatened again. It's worth noting that one of the major forces in the Furan army.

Before the heavy blow to the head of Casteletto, the Chernels caused an accident in front of Charbonnier (82). Patatras (2-1, 83). ASNL did not need it through the wire. Crossroads continue. And Red Star's acceptance is like the last chance game in dozens of days.

14th day of Ligue 2

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The Thistle: N & # 39; Guessan Rating: 9/20

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