Saturday , June 3 2023

Marina Fouz pays Kiril Hanounan in the Burger Quiz


VIDEO – The night of the season at TMC, the last show of June 2, the actress Do not touch my post! by answering one of the questions.

Alen Chabat, called "The Addition", spoke in the phase of the game and everyone should know who it is. "It's just a well-known person … or something," said the guest. "I'm a little afraid of this saucepan, and we do not have the choice. Thank you Burger Quiz He talked a lot about me … "And Marina Fawus began to answer" Hanoon ".

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"I was very far away, and I suspected that the show stopped Burger Quiz accepted all of the hearings. I was two thousand … At the end of the year "he tried to justify it. And Alain Chabat stated that this was a bad answer. "We do not talk about it," he said. "I do not know why … or stop editing," he added. "Otherwise he tweeted and all …"

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Eight times after 40th issue of June 2 Burger Quiz Marina Fais is one of the main heroes of the game, repeatedly said that the actress paid 16 years ago to the guests when the game was broadcast on Kanal +. When he could not tell about it, he recalled the request of former member of Alain Chabat, Robin Hood, and answered questions. Marina Foyz, who took part in the last show of the last season – Burger's Death, won over 3,000 francs (about 450 euros), did he touch her? Paid in 2002.

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