Saturday , June 3 2023

Meanwhile, Miss France will face France in 2019


Learn to be "Miss Franc". It's all about the month ahead of the competition, including a preparatory visit to Mauritius this year. Precision, elegance, good mood: all studied. Also, girls ask to leave their rooms in their rooms. Two-dimensional sacrifice!

Thirty young girls from France's regions and DOM-TOM unanimously agree with the decision of the "Miss France" organization: Honestly, it would be wrong to leave the nose on our screens! Mrs. Picardie says. «Then, we use the landscape, the higher and the most advantageous at every moment"Mrs. Pais de la Loire adds. These girls, aged 18 to 24, also admit that they have a "bonded generation," which is still a habit. Especially because the chorus recognizes that every moment of this amazing journey does not allow you to capture and shoot forever.

« We can not take phones Olivier Noall assures, responsible for the smooth operation and "inspections" of the 2019 promotion.Please keep them in the room. It's just that used them to be Miss France. The chosen person is rarely found when he plays, when he plays. Moreover, according to tradition, Miss will restore the phone number of the elected person. It is interesting that they fill their phones!

Caperon is sure: on weekends, breaks or breaks, they can use their devices. « Miss will be able to join her family if she so wishes. They have the right to make their own stories in their social networks – respecting the rules of their own money with their daughters or taking photographs without knowing anything about the program we have prepared. «.

This rule has never been false. "But Sometimes "phones are confiscated" people hanging or hanging in a pocket. To be honest, in the photo it is not very SUV. In this case, we will keep it until late in the evening, "said Olivia, Frank. Very pragmatic way to do it.

The goal is to help each other interact with each other. They are also invited to interact with different dishes, lunches or dinners. Always on the table, it is impossible to sit there with the neighbors. Miss France can not always pick (even rarely!) Neighbors on the table. Their learning first creates a sense of sacrifice …

Photoreports: ⓒ Laurent Vu / SIPA

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