Wednesday , January 19 2022

Mustang is a limited edition version of the sixth-style motor


It does not make the same noise, but it gives the triumph to triumph. British Charge Automotive has announced a preliminary purchase of 499 Ford Mustang Electrosupplies. « While the Ford is really waiting for power, British Charge Automotive is doing it with sophistication, revitalizing the legendary Mustang 60 with a modern engine. In 499 pcs, the car can be pre-paid on the official website, with a refundable deposit of 5,000 pounds (5,700 euros). The final price starts from 200,000 pounds (230,00 euro) and the first deliveries are expected until September 2019 » publishing site My number.

Ford does not participate in the project, but the British company will issue cars under the license of the manufacturer. « With his arrival (electric motors specialist), Charge Automotive went on to build prestigious doors to restore Ford Mustang. Thus Williams F1, McLaren Automotive, or Jaguar Land Rover engineers want to cause a muscular machine that can absorb from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.09 seconds. The power of 408 horsepower will affect the battery life: despite the 64 kWh clock, it does not offer 200 km of autonomy. We can choose between two or four wheels with an electric motor Continues the special site.

The concept was not innovative, but even fashionable. But mechanistic enthusiasts are willing to spend tens of thousands of euros to convert car classics into a zero-emission car, and this project of Charge Automotive is not approved by the Puristists. Ford does not exist and can you find the spirit of Mutang in the factory? The answer should not be long: " I am proud that the car maker Mustang will travel all over the world from March to September 2019. As it turns out to be a scene in Paris, we will be able to see it – it's right at this point »Finished My number.

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