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Nicolle Bellowett realizes the reform of juvenile justice


At present, the draft law on reforming the Justice for National Assembly has already been a very large (or "captive-all") civil or criminal prosecution, or at a penalty level. Nicolle Bellowet, a disabled person keeper, did not stop here. He made the remarkable Wednesday by telling the Government questions on the Chamber: "The Government asks the Parliament to reform it through the creation of the 1945 Code of Criminal Justice under the Justice Reform Act." The minister said that he issued an order: "This work will be done openly in the next semester."

If the announcement is totally unexpected, then at the bottom – this is the ambition of several Landlord vendors. Recently, Cristiana Tubira and Jean-Jacques Urvoise have tried to find what they are called "Lawful milefil", " did not succeed. Order of 1945, text "Guilty Childhood" – The basic principles of reducing responsibility, looking up academic answers, and referring to specialized jurisdictions – actually knew the many successive reforms of the 1980s, which is less modest.

"Antisocialism or demagogy"

There is a general agreement to be simplified. Francois Hollande confirms the Christian Taubah repressive education, which promises the propaganda and removes the correctional courts for teenagers Nicolas Sarkozy. "Every decision taken on minors is primarily aimed at restoring education and preventing recurrence, he was drafted in his bill, which was not appointed to the executive. If she is one of the smallest, she should always be on the right if she is to worry about the frail boys.

Nicolle Bellowett seeks to protect himself from such complaints. He told the members: "We have to ensure a clear and effective response to juvenile delinquency […] We need to accuse juvenile children as soon as possible, because they know the severity of their actions if appropriate. We need to respond quickly to the victims, which is very important. We must also take measures that are not adapted to each profile of young offenders, anti-Semitism or demagoguery. " Though opposed to project work, we feel the change in philosophy. Now it's not just about education or the fight against recidivism, but also about the speed of criminal penalties. Also, the paradigm shift is clearly reflected in the bill currently being debated: if the Christian Taubah closed the educational centers felt that it did not bear good responsibility for the crime of young people, then President had met Hollande), and now the Seals guard is planning to build more than twenty.


Thanks to the bill on juvenile justice revision, it is surprising that Nicolas Belloubt's expectation a month earlier was a little less. After the attack by one of the schoolteachers in Cretan in October, he announced the 1945 decree: "It is a topic that many parliamentarians are working on. If that's the case, then the question is, I'm not against the idea of ​​working on this issue. "

At the National Assembly, there is an Information Mission on Juvenile Justice for Gene Taylor (LREM). Does he have only the conclusions of the reform? "I am surprised that this announcement is good, as you have mentioned, the parliamentary information mission is underway, and the work is under way in the Senate, The MP insulted Philip Gosselin. destroyer "A very special process" it is opening "Full Parliaments of Parliament", " he calls "Incorrect" the same "Defect" to have such an important subject. Of course, he will not only be angry. Nicole Bellowett's amazing statement could be used to feed the logs on this new day of mobilization of lawyers, which was opposed to the law since its publication in April.

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