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November 11 The solemn ceremony in Paris: three feminist activists blocked the security


Paris – Three activists have been forced to escape Donald Trump's sedentary drive and the country's leaders have violated an important device used by police on Sunday in the official Champs-Elysées strike. On November 11, festive events were held in Paris.

The incident took place on the air and lived during a global terrorist attack, as about ten thousand police, jailbreds and firefighters resided on Sunday as the capital of the country.

«»Hypocrisy parity«,»Party in Gangsta«And»Prohibited peacekeeperson their nostalgic breast, while the American president's car jumped from the barricades on the road at the moment of eleven to Chance-Elisey on May 11 in front of hundreds of spectators.

The police detained two activists after the gates. At that moment, the third Femen raised slightly up and down the middle of the road and touched the official parade.

This entry was posted in «Prohibited peacekeepers"(Pseudo-peacekeepers) were standing in front of the official car and ten seconds later, with three police detainees.

The police has again proved the arrest of three activists.

«France has settled this peace, but half of the invited states are responsible for many conflicts in the world. We are protesting the arrival of Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Mohammed and Salman in Netanyahu"Explained Constant Lefevre, who was active in Femen after AFP.

One day, another Femen Trio was decorated at the top of the Arfa-Triumph, at the top of the airplane and in the mud.Welcome to war criminals"Welcome to war criminals, slogan colored bars:False peacekeepers, real dictatorsAfter being arrested, they were summoned to the police station in March.

Ten years after its founding, this feminist movement, which intends to abandon political and religious oppression, is not the first to shine, but the slogans of the generations, which are often younger and delicate, deceived by security forces, and are afraid to stoop.

In a statement issued after the Champions-Elizabeth move, Femen said in Paris that "responsible for the modern war«.»Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Ben Salman, and Macron have become a tragic performance on November 11, only for the criminals involved."He said.

– «Terrorist risk«-

For such special holidays dedicated to the Centennial of the Great Patriotic War, with the participation of dozens of states and governments, France has conquered about 10,000 members of France.

Authorities are justified on the basis of these measuresterrorist risk"In recent years there has been a wave of unprecedented Jihad attacks in the country"radical movement«.

Two thousand members of the police force to provide security perimeters, filtering points, Arka-Triumph sector in different parts of the capital, the police prefecture,ability to handle the story«.

The country is in the 14th position in Paris on Sunday, waiting for the rally-marathon to overflow. According to the police prefecture, "There are 200 to 400 active members of the violence"There will be a black block here"there are about a hundred followers«.

Seven suspects of the ultranationalist suspected of raping an attack on Emanuel Macron, which began on Saturday 11th November, were condemned on Tuesday after being detained in Mosel on Saturday.

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