Thursday , August 11 2022

OL-ASSE: Feirer's tragic holiday is still in the memories – League 1


On the 14th day of the League, Lyon takes about one year to rival St. Etienne on Festive Geoffroy-Guichard this Sunday.

On Friday, Lyon won the 4th place with 24 points and invited his historic opponent Saint Etienne with a 5-point duplicate of 23 points. The winner of both teams is 9 years olde Lille lost to Saint-Etienne (3-1) and Paris (5-0). This derby is most interesting, so the winner can steal a different spot and therefore can approach the podium. The desire to win over the opponent makes a contribution to the rating. Last year was not an important fact. Last season, Lionna was unable to challenge his neighbors, while Stéphanois was facing the year of controversy, and AL was still in the race for the podium that was blowing in late June. This derby also allows you to celebrate birthday. Almost a year ago, Lionnis lowered the greenery (0-5), especially in contravention of the purpose of Fekir.

A year later Geoffrey Guchard's chaos

November 5, 2017, Geoffroy Guichard and 85the High-tense debut minutes between St. Etienne and Lyon. Nabil Fekir made the score 4: 0. Mariano Dios, who serves the depths of her eyes, looks at Captain Rafier, Lyon miraculously. 5-0. In the "Instinct", Feirir takes his garment down and proudly presents it to the southern gallery of Geoffrey Gicard.

To achieve this goal, Etienne's supporters, despising and entering the earthly chaotic scene. The police intervention took several minutes. After half an hour of riots, the match was renewed in an empty stadium and in a bad atmosphere of a football stadium. This holiday invited the French LFP Disciplinary Committee. He said that he should not regret his actions. Finally she was relaxed.

If he is not convicted, Nabil Fekir will act in the history of Dervis and League 1. Relevant supporters remember, for various reasons. In addition, the audience was able to witness the debate over the celebration of this holiday for a few weeks. Some are "irresponsible" and "provocative", "as good as football." After all, the picture is being taken again. In the first 8 seconds of a trailer for a canal, this is a channel dedicated to the celebration and its surroundings, proving that this picture will remain forever in the history of the derby.

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