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Pharmacotherapy, new antibiotic supplements


These are often the earliest words of doctors and associations. "I have staphylococcal pains, no decisions, and ampute me." In France, many patients with antibiotics-resistant bacteria are looking for solutions to their hopelessness.

It should be noted that it is very important to find alternatives for good use of this global week. Their hospitalization expires with a high rate of consumption, and the mortality rate in the country will increase to 5,500 per year. If nothing is done at the global level, this phenomenon can lead to the death of more than 10 million people by 2050.

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For example, in this black table patients will be treated with the latest treatment, some wondering for phagotherapy. What does it say about us? Faga medicine, natural viruses are responsible for bone or pulmonary infections found in everywhere, in the soil, in the lake, in the canal, and even from the most severe bacteria.

"In the 1980s he cured thousands of patients"

This re-opened method in France has been widespread in Georgia, which has long been deprived of Western antibiotics, which retains know-how. "We have about 300 patients a year," said Aren Lavit, co-founder of this medical tourism company in Eastern Europe.

So, can phagotherapy truly save us? Microbiologist and expert on this issue, Alain Dublanchet, is convinced of this. "In 1980, when he was buried in France, he faced a shortage of antibiotics he cured thousands of patients. In Pasteur's laboratories, we have a set of fauna, all abandoned. We refused this medicine.

So you need to start over and over again. In 2016, the French company, in addition to antibiotics, was able to produce high quality fags in some serious patients at Croix-Rousse Hospital in Lyon. Most of them suffered from severe infections. "Four out of 5 do not have infection symptoms," says Tristan Ferry, Deputy Head of the Infectious Diseases Department. This is a great achievement, we are in a turning point in the history of phagotherapy. "

The 6th patient received this treatment just a week ago. "He did a good job," says a doctor who eventually hopes to treat a common urinary tract infection.

New clinical trials

If these conditions can be complicated, then this authorization will still be under the hexagon. Why is it necessary to export phagas from Georgia? According to Dr. Carolin Slamel, director of medical agency products, "we do not know their quality". At home this therapy is long-term. We do not know how to scale them up.

"If this therapy causes many questions, it is full of hope." Therefore, we need to continue the study. "When we have a lot of production, we publish the director, and we authorize temporary use".

New clinical trials will be conducted, at the beginning of the year an audit commission will be established. Other solutions are also taking place. Also, the company has developed a double-membrane bacterial dictation method. Physicians and authorities hope to save France from current therapeutic illnesses.


  • 40 million euros antimicrobial resistance.
  • 759 tons of antibiotics 2017 for human health and 499 tons for animals.
  • France – 4e consumer Europe 8e in the world.
  • Only 2 new antibiotics has been in the market for the last fifty years.
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