Saturday , June 3 2023

Protest demonstrators from Amazon's MTS stand


After the Intermarché logistics base in Loriol, Mont Blanc was Amazon who was targeted at a yellow jacket operation on Thursday. A filter barrier was installed in front of the online store warehouse, which was charged with tax evasion in France.

In the afternoon, Substitutes Nyons negotiated with the demonstrators to lift the dam. She was at the entrance to the warehouse.

In the morning, several trucks can come and drop the site. The deal also affected Easydis, one of the logistics bases of Casino Group, located in Portes de Provence. Another company was a suffered Schneider Electric company, which failed to deliver its Privas plant (Vivarais electrical installation) in the morning.

Operations received a lot of support from unmanned passengers. In the morning, many shovels were greeted with many horns.

The first VP to block dams

On Thursday morning, at the Lorriol logistics base in Intermarcia, gendarmes intervened to remove the newly worn yellow bottles. According to Drom's prefecture, they noted the offenses. Something in the city of Ardeach in Tonnon, where there was no barrage at the entrance to the bridge at Tin-le-Hemmase.

Artezhe has a yellow vest piano, Deves, Vivers, St. Just-Arden, Aubenas and Lavillidia. In the Drôme they still remain at the intersection of Livron and Loriol as well as the Maltese voyage at the Malataverne (Montélimar-Sud shift) at the entrance to the A7 entrance bar and the Southern Valencial stand in the morning.

Radiators burned, do you have a connection?

Two radar burns at Drôme at night. Roman and Valencia are the site of Shabrail and the radar site, located near the Krebs, located in the Lakra area. Also, on the side of Ardeş, the X-rays of Saint-Etienne-de-Valuce fell. These actions are not subject to complaint, but we can not exclude the connection with the yellow shirt motion.

The action was most peaceful, and the Romans point out that the yellow shirts' labels are kept in their cars.

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