Sunday , June 26 2022

PSA and Renault have filed a lawsuit against former GM & S employees


Formerly employees of PSA and Renault, Creusoise GM & S La Souterraine, announced their latest publishers and their lawyer, Jean-Louis Bourgué, in a press release on Thursday.

"Yes, we are attacking PSA and Renault for several years, broken lives, broken caretakers, family suffering and psychological impacts of automobile manufacturers, and we're paying for it! "Write the staff.

GM & S's 85 licensors and 33 employees of LSI have agreed on a total of $ 7.4 million. To both producers in euros, former vehicle suppliers have to keep it in the conditions of economic dependence. Boris told AFP in an interview with AFP, "We are asking for 80,000 euros and 20,000 euros for all LSI employees.

The door is open for approval

The Supreme Court sentenced Peugeot and Renault Tuesday (Tuesday) to a lawsuit against "abuse of dominant position" and "responsibility for liability" before the Court of Gueret. The Association for Support and Defense, as well as the workshop, will require car manufacturers 5,000 euros and 20,000 euros, respectively. Bari explained that the door would open. "Our point of view is that if we do not reach a memorandum of understanding, we will hold a civil hearing in the district court," he said.

In late September, the lawyer called on Renault and the PSA to a "conciliation" with a ceasefire against these disagreements. PSA lawyer Mark Rolinger responded on October 8. In this letter, the PSA believes that "it respects its commitments and believes it is justified", but "the court drafting project is a negative signal, without allowing the site to work. developing and developing new clients, "explained Borie.

Reno did not reply.

After the mobilization, demonstration and stroke in May 2017, unemployed workers threatened to blow up their business with gas bottles. This social file captured the first months of Macron's presidency. In September 2017, the company returned to the symbolic euro, with 120 jobs remaining.

Another vehicle supplier after GM & S

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