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Rain and Storm: George and War are placed on a yellow beard


New section on insurance. On Thursday night, Météo in France had been affected by "storms", "rains, floods" in Warsaw. "This is the second section after Ghar, which is a warning. The intense epicenter of the Mediterranean Institute of Météo in the evening says: "In the evening, Météo France sees a strong thunderstorm on the east coast of Hyères (Var) and rains with a 67-meter-high hail in the London area."

The lightning strikes at the Institute in the south of Var, from Thursday to Friday, exploding overnight, from 80 to 100 meters, at a local 120 mm. On November 22, at 4:00 pm, his "Meteo-Franc" ballot was replaced by an orange "bubble" and "rain flood" into Gart. The event will end on November 23 at 4 pm.

Lightning must go out from the east

From light Thursday to Friday, the lightning flashes from the Rondo Valley to Cevennes. "From early on Monday, the Mediterranean Network has been involved in the GARD and SEVEN plains," says Météo-France. In one region, it is possible to move quite a bit, giving a large amount of precipitation. Daytime should be strengthened in the foothills of Cevennes. The storm days are followed by Friday evening.

"For the entire episode rainfall will reach flat areas and 50 to 80 mm from Cementus pitton, from 100 to 120 mm. At Cevennes, collections range from 120 to 150 mm, local 180 mm, "says Météo-France.

Weather in France 23 November 00h © screenshot / Météo France

The note will be issued until Friday

© Screenshot Météo France

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