Thursday , September 29 2022

Refresh: Old glory returns


Looking for a car at a low price? Repair can fix the problem. Today we find Mac mini 2014 at € 459. If you do not have a great deal of unnecessary needs on this machine, you'll need to make the appropriate configuration, but still, we suggest you to get acquainted with the 2018 offered € 759.

Another old machine to repair: the old MacBook Air. Retina not available for sale, price 829 €. Honestly, if your budget is very limited, we recommend you go to the market on the other hand or look at the 2018 model sold at € 979.

There is also a MacBook Pro Retina of 1169 euros and a MacBook Pro Touch Bar of 1489 euros.

As for old glory, Apple still offers the MacBook 1269 euros. But at that price, if you are not nostalgic, it is recommended to visit you.

Apple offers a wide choice of iMac (Pro). It moves from iMac 21 to € 1099, to iMac Pro from € 10679 to € 599 by € 1699.

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