Saturday , January 28 2023

She is very happy, she gets beautiful pictures with her daughters


Laetia shares the picture of Halidaid's best friend, Johnny's two daughters, Jade and Joey. It's very cute!

If you look at the Estárate Account of Laitya Hallija, you will soon find out that he and his daughters, Jade and Joey, share the many photos. He also wrote wonderful messages on their birthday.

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This love between her mother and her two daughters looks stronger than Johnny Holliday's inheritance. We have another reason: Laetia, Jade, and Joey's pretty photo was recently published in Instagram.

But this time she came from Mariet Poniatovsky, not her best friend, but not from Laetia Khalli. On this Saturday, August 16, 2019, this photo shows the smiling mom and dad, and they are very happy. In the legend, Marie Ponyatowskii wrote: "Beauty". And she is right, because three women are beautiful. This unanimous shooting was taken during a family vacation in Saint Barthesee.

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