Tuesday , June 6 2023

Sheptik mayor meets with the opening of the executive branch


"I do not ask you to agree with all your affairs, but I ask you to doubt that we have the state", said Eduard Philip, on Thursday, shutting down the mayor's congress. "I turn around and hope"said the president of the Association of mayors of France Francois Barin. Is there a single point everywhere, in the middle of a ball?

After a four-day congress, AMF returns to the negotiating table with the government, although it has been more than four months since two months.

The mayors voted Thursday to support their "fight" strategy. "We realized that he had no other choice", Michel Verner, regrets with PS treasurer PS. "As always, macros are all right", Philippe Laurent, Secretary General of the AMF. "The Prime Minister did not hear the mayors"The second number of ATF Andre Lainel was appointed.

Coat of Arms

On Wednesday night, the AMF office and the executive board members exchanged weapons exchanged with Francois Baroin and Eduard Phillips. A sign of the separation of roles between the two executive heads. Calculation for optimum tenors.

Thus, on the Thursday afternoon, Eduard Philip was pleased to announce several opening remarks proposed by the President of the Republic. The government is studying ways to restore the powers of the mayor. The direct response to the tragedy in the great relationships of elected officials in the village. The status of the elected representative will be discussed at the next dialogue forum.

He also presented microfinance oxygen to 175 municipal utilities and presidents in 2019 that led to an increase in their operating expenses by 1.2% this year. Recognizing that expenditure control in 2019 will become more complicated.


an increase in the investment costs of authorities by the 2018 announced by the prime minister.

The Prime Minister defined the terms of reforming local taxation before the summer and nominated candidates for the real financial prospects of the municipality. Rules for repayment and replacement of housing tax after 2020 will be settled in spring, and the Council of Ministers will launch the project in mid-April.

Edward Phillips promises to abandon the fiscal authority that enhances the tax burden on the municipalities in the unequal formula for the Mayors' taxation scenario. Especially because he offered to find a better mechanism to guarantee a business tax rather than a compensation fund. Edward Philip continues to provide a dynamic resource for interactions, including VAT or KASF share.

Like Barack Obama's prime minister, he recently wished good luck to some of the AMF ministers who shared their schooling plans, plan for health care, or crackdowns.

The mayors expect concrete results. "The words that you hear are far away from everyday problems."Roger Kizerges, mayor of the city of Lavreun, near Montpellier.

By Matthew Kuet

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