Saturday , June 3 2023

Soccer DNCG – "Ligu 2 2018-2019" – reduced as a precautionary measure of football


Sochi Soccer Club, now a resident of Ligu 2,as a precautionary measure"National Part 3, after financial difficulties at the end of 2018-2019, is owned by the Chinese main shareholder, FNCX, DNCG.Sochaux's decision. on Thursday expressed concern over the budgetary situation of the French National Football Football Board (DNCG) in Paris.

In financial difficulty, in the current 17th stage of the second division, at the same point of the first division (at the beginning of December 2017), the same penalty was imposed at the end of the DNCG. «Recognition of budgetary salary project management for 2018/2019 and prohibition of hiring for valuable consideration. At the end of the current sports season, the first team is a precautionary measureSpoke on the website of the Schwartz-Montbéliar football club.

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