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Speaking the truth. Will Renault's Carlos Gasn survive?


In Japan he voluntarily became a mango hero. Carlos Ghosn is a person who introduced the popular Renault-Nissan alliance. It all goes to the end of the week. His sudden fall in the French car doubts Renault's future.

The association between Renault and Nissan began at the end of the 1990s with former chief executive Louis Schweitzer, who then received a Japanese equivalent of € 25 billion.

Louis Schweitzer then acquired 37% of Nissan's capital. He is known as Carlos Goshn at the beginning of the Japanese manufacturer. This person turns it back into the water, especially when it reduces workplaces.

For its part, at the end of the 1990s, Renault works best, this is the first European brand, but its international development leaves something to be desired.

Buying Nissan's share is a great deal in this area. Synergia develops slightly in between the two brands, dividing the common production platforms and engines.

By the end of 1990, Renault purchased a small Romanian manufacturer: Dacia. French benefits from its production facilities and its lowest labor cost. It launches low cost models with low cost. For the first time in 2004 was Logan.

And, surprisingly, these cars are in demand: solid models are sophisticated and, in particular, much cheaper. Logan's cost is less than € 8,000, half of Renault's model.

Even today, competition has failed to reach Dakhya near this "cheap" car.

These two masterpieces of Carlos Ghosn called him "the builder of the empire."

After 20 years Renault-Nissan Alliance offers one of the nine cars sold around the world. The Alliance is ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota for light cars.

The problem is that if the two groups break up, Nissan will take the 6th place, Renault will rank 8th in the world.

However, the collapse of Carlos Ghosn is a threat to the alliance between the two groups, as the file La Tribune Nabil Bourassi, a journalist: "Renault-Nissan alliance today is based on the personality of Carlos Gosn. The Japanese are very grateful for the rescue of this company. This is one of the most influential figures in Japanese capitalism. It was a legitimate opportunity to become a cement for this alliance. Carlos Ghosn's departure will lead to a strong uncertainty about the alliance. "

Regarding the future of Renault, if this alliance should explode, Nabil Burasci is pessimistic: "In order to depreciate costs for Renault, Nissan needs to improve their vehicle development on common platforms. Today, Renault is not a solid manufacturer; Renault has structural difficulties, does not work on Renault, which is a commercial failure, which is a big structural issue for the company's future. «

After 20 years, Nissan surpassed his rescuer. It is a Japanese company that wants to control its allies in one day. What is the fear of the French authorities? Renault, coat of arms, is a threat.


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