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Stanislas Guarin is the only candidate in the country


Stanislas Gherini, Member of the Parliament, Paris March and the only candidate for the LRM, October 23.
Stanislas Gherini, Member of the Parliament, Paris March and the only candidate for the LRM, October 23. CHARLES PLATIAU / REUTERS

Stanislas Gary Pierce is against Adam. A match was announced. Two Paris Deputies, Christophe Castanne, became the Minister of Internal Affairs, preparing to fight the leadership of the Movement for the Movement of the Republic (LRM). The first was nominated on October 30; and the second one seemed ready to go. The dwell was declared denser among these two clean macros. However, despite all the conditions, he announced that on Tuesday, February 13, he will not run for the post of the general delegate of the presidential party.

"I've been thinking about this solution for a long time. Most of the speakers, MPs, members and elected representatives supported me and encouraged me to support them. We are at the key moment of the majority, which is for unity and integration. Therefore, I can not be a candidate ", he said in an interview Figaro.

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Low Recommendations and Reasonable Criticism

29-year-old Les Jeunes, founder MacRon, seems to have a good chance of winning the race and opening the way for Stanislas Guarini. The only publicly-nominated candidate, the founder of the En Marsh movement! Can be a new LRM leader.

Former 36-year-old supporter of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been recognized as a "good organizer", with about 160 supporters in the movement, including about 100 parliamentarians. And he was heavier than this propylene. His friends, strauss-kahnie, whom he knew at the headquarters of a former candidate in Rudes de la Plane in Paris, today persuaded his candidature in the center of power. Among them are Elysee's advisers, Ismail Amelien and Cedric O, or Benjamin Graywah, a government official.

In the past few weeks, shorter sentences and open debates have emerged between the two candidates' groups. To set the climatic conditions of the conflict, the inner. "Attack, Violence and Attack"LRM guarantees the MP. Even human supporters have reported "Pressure" Elios' advisers and ministers have been charged with numerous phone calls to force Guarini to avoid being opposed. Or refrain from encouraging elected officials to support it.

Mr. Henry, the maneuvering question. He is trying to refuse. "Quarrels, antagonisms and a negative image of this internal battlefield, he asked if his candidacy had led many churches rather than decisions"says. According to him, a Parisian deputy has avoided showing the sections "Destruction of Movement" brotherhood in war. "Pierre decided to take responsibility for two people", one of the faithful believers.

French MP Joachim Son-Forbeth from abroad was also interested in this electionSt December. But he still can collect the necessary sponsorships. The deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday, November 14 at 20:00 hours. The executive office must then validate the Sponsorship the next day.

"Gives This Featured Video"

Henry could be the only candidate, because it was the first choice for the head of the movement Christopher Castanet. "It gives a clear, silent electoral card."the deputy of the deputy said. "The most important thing is not to be in the front line, but to have the right team leader and the right team. Such a case with Stanislas Guerini »said the group's spokeswoman, Oor Berg.

After removing the staff, the relief is appropriate in the movement, and we wanted to organize the internal elections first of all. From the promotion of Mr. Castaner at the Ministry of the Interior, Philip Garyonson, who is acting as general delegate, «Awake» so it does not matter «Image Damage» party.

Recently, the President proposed to the President soon to apply for a single application, to avoid a campaign that dropped from November 15 to 1St December. Although Emmanuel Macron's popularity rating is at a minimum, it's no good. "Our movement is at the forefront of political maturity, says Auror Berche. When faced with a political family, brotherhood eliminates fights. «

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