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The 37th Brive Book Fair is on the right track


REPORTAGE – This story has been a paradox for over thirty years: it brought the authoritative authors to a popular atmosphere. The first day is a very interesting event.

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At 9:31, when Garey de Lyon is next to the TGV doors. Brive and Corrèze, which is not far from Denis Tillinak Zambou. All Paris letters will still make things so much easier – when tradition disappears – cholesterol is deprived of the train. Beautiful languages ​​have been solved, we comment on literary gifts, and we are glad to be on the way to holidays. We are waiting, especially on a systematic basis, a list of the wines that can bake half a duck duck.

No one worried about it, but the train was going to the east for an hour. He took the direction of the other gastronomic city Lyon. Finally, when he understood it, the conductor was trying to conceal his inconvenience: "Do not laugh, I ask you. We have to return to Paris. The small earthquake suggests that another car may come to the front. The controller creates favorable conditions for authors, publishers and media workers. By the way, SNCF paths are still unavailable.

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The game of musical chairs plays in this famous literary salon. The novelists go from one wagon to another. Servers in the kitchen are busy. This year TGV offers such good food. The phoenix's medallion comes with sweetening and various chocolate cake. All nutrition basket correspondents. Take a tasty Rocamadour called cabécou in Causses Lotois. Finally, solutions. The wine of the viper is the best enemy of the writers to sign in the second half of that day. The foolish person who asks for a "small glass" is ignored.

The train comes to Brive Station. Not more than an hour later, the letters are much more complicated than men. Buses and interesting people are waiting for them. For fifteen years, Jean-Pierre has been filming each of the commercials for recognition. Many believe that many of them have expressed regret over the time they finish their trains. The Saint-Germain-de-Prête is a holiday camp in Corrès. Some swimmers break down small gateways and the lower part of Jean Jorass Avenue to Halle George Bramsson until they spend 37 years at a book fair. For a little walk, it hurts.

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The new curator, Francois David, decided to follow the footprints of his predecessors. "Fair is a unique institution, which is a unique feature of our city," says Professor of Geography History. There are not only readers but also visitors. " In a word, Beaver has reached a good compromise between joy and literature.

At the entrance of the fair, metal detectors will constantly sound. Some laptops are empty, but Opinel and Laguiole. According to Henry Winnetwater, the knife is the safest masterpiece of popular culture. Sophie Dudemain, a culinary expert, says, "Here's what we eat better." We believe in his word. Under the big hinge, the lips listen, the authors suffer at any time. "Everyone sees in the book," says Thierry, fifty.

Fair animals

The most famous people on the stands are rebellion. Jean-Louis Debur's Stress Alain Moanku smiles behind his glittering glasses, a big silver cross on his chest. When he got up to love one of the fans, he was surprised, and he stopped the story by telephone. When playing in forbidden fears, the well-known novelist placed his desk "Attention, Damn Author". Charles Nimes, director Monparnasse tower the head of the flower made of plastics hit his head. Teaser holds a sheet of notes by Boualem Sansal "moderator" and "Sumerian inscription". Let us recall that Islamist threatens.

The president of the 2018 edition, Dolphin de Wigan, will mark the event. She has come with three young authors: Adeline Dieudonné, Sophie Divry, and Sylvia Rozelier. On stage, novelists have been rewarding their literary works and giving them "admirable publicity".

At night, this Friday, Dolphin de Wigan read a letter to Arthur H., a few years ago, to the public. Depending on the occasion, black hats were touched to the head, the musician listened and moved. The last light dies at the back of the theater. Author No and I through the fastness of the magicians Ringtones, Collection of songs by Jacques Higgelin's son. The latter, Sibillin, concludes that "Life can not be described."

Raymond Pulleys, former director of the Forensic Police Director Claude Kensess, has handed over to Pulitzer. "I was not the most popular person, and I interviewed people," she explains. Today, my questions are being tested, and this is an unprecedented exercise for me, often dangerous, always interesting, "he adds.

Francois Hollande broke the coin, took the pen and went to the marathon of the signatures. He loves and loves himself. She hopes that she will be vaccinated against influenza. "But no mother, my shirts are disgusting!" Said Gaspard annoyingly. His mother offered to remove his pockets to take "Mr. Mr.". Before the capture of the author and screenwriter Jean-Paul Dolphina, he was next to the former president. Signature can not be processed. His publisher is fascinating.

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"Do you know that this story is very beautiful?" The author wrote. The most famous limousine proverbs in the alleys are united Fear of psychology and animator Thierry Beccaro's latest book. "He smiles beautifully," says the young singer. But a motorcycle that does not tell her. Secondly, one of the fans sends love to Ekaterina Tsaila.

Publisher Jean-Lup Chiflet says: "Brive is a must. "It is the most popular salon in France, but it can be the most popular. During these events, we find ideas and are subject to shocks, "explains the tenor of the publication. She has been participating in the Fair for over thirty years. "We always find friends here. Nothing has changed. He still saw Jean-Eternet Hallier and persecuted Edmonde de Charles-Roux in the corridors of the train. This time was a coral. Looking into the large room, Chifflet's literature world was much simpler. Moreover, as he keeps his book of memories open, he says: "You know, cholesterol is my invention of a train."

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