Thursday , August 11 2022

The activist was imprisoned on Beninak crane


Jeremy Kerrone, a manserver for a construction site in Bonac, Dordon, was dismissed in an informal manner, protesting the ring project in one of the most touristy districts of the city of Perigord. justice, prefecture.

"SFK defender of nature". "At 10am, at 10am, a device was installed on the construction site of Bonacas to crush the crane. At 10:20, the man was again on the ground and taken into custody (…) the order of the temporary simplified judge "is determined according to the prefecture. Jeremy Kerrone, 32 years old, introduced himself as a "Nature Protection Guardian" to discredit himself with the project of environmental degradation, and on Friday fallen from ten miles to ten miles from Friday.

The project was prolonged. For the construction of two-bridge over the road with a budget of more than 30 million euros, the "Bonacane bypass" project should absorb the gates bypassing the city center in June. But for many years it has been the object of environmental protection as an inheritance.

Chairman of the Soviet Council, Guinea Pelo, who was regarded as the man of the national heritage of "Chaestesuki de la Dordonn, a Beton-loving" when causing the anger of Stephen Berne to attack the project's initiator. "The project will be settled not at the elected TV, but at the elected meetings," he said. In his statement, the prefecture reminds us in this paragraph: "the departmental council, the project manager, the new supervisory committee, which may be called on December 3, and may call themselves the associations."

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