Friday , September 30 2022

The Amazon gives the donated altar rather than the destruction


At the beginning of this year, the television report reported that Amazon was destroying millions of unsold items. An environmentally friendly experience was forced to open an online petition to end the company.

According to information provided by the US CNBC, the amazon has heard of the uprising. The Internet Trading Giant is preparing to launch a charity program for third-party vendors that store their products at the Amazon store in the United States and the UK.

Starting from September 1, FBA (Amazon performance) will become the default option when all vendors in both countries choose when choosing their unladen or unwanted products in the inventory. They may also decide not to participate if they wish.

"Help People in Need"

The donations are distributed to American non-profit organizations through a group called Good360 and British charity organizations such as Newlife and Barnardo.

Last year, as reported in Capital M 6, the group was estimated to have destroyed more than 3 million products in France last year. "This program reduces the number of lost products and helps people in need," wrote Amazon in their email to their sellers.

However, billionaire Jeff Bezos believes that the abolition of shares is only a small part of the sale. "The vast majority of Amazon products are sold to other consumers or distributors, suppliers, or donations," says the group.

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