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The Cancer League offers 11 measures to strengthen preventive measures


According to Christopher Leroust, Communication Director of the League, "at least 40% of the chemical reactions can be prevented," because of the lifestyle (tobacco, food, alcohol, environmental factors …). Free vaccination against papillomavirus, tax alcoholic drinks research, or even better support … The Anti-Crisis League took part in the decade-long event after its preliminary preliminary meeting.

Alcohol and tobacco taxes will be taxed

For leagues, the proliferation of oncologic diseases should lead to an active prophylaxis policy. "In 2013, we have reached 1,100 people in France, from 1000 cancer cases a day, starting in 2017, and even by the mortality rate," said Christophe Lerow. According to the National Institute of Oncology (INCa), the number of new cancer cases in France in 2017 is estimated at 400 thousand and death is 150 thousand.

The strongest suggestions include tobacco taxes, such as the increase in alcohol taxes (tobacco can cost up to 10 euros in 2020). 8% of cancer cases registered in 2015 are associated with regular consumption of alcohol, said the National Institute of Oncology (INCa). "Research shows that the risk of cancer is higher than the average daily consumption," said the director of the League Communications. However, average daily consumption in France will be 3 and 4 glasses per person.

Guided prevention

The League also offers a systemic vaccine against infectious sexually transmitted infections by papillomaavirus (HPV), which can cause malignant neoplasms of the cervix, anus or leukocytes. Here, France lags behind in France, as the coverage rate for these infections is only 19%. In Australia, where HPV vaccination started 10 years ago, 80% of girls and 75% of boys are vaccinated and health authorities are planning to eliminate this virus within 20 years.

As a result of the General Assembly, the League also explained that it would be better to support scientific research. Thus, 20% of the amount allocated to oncology research is intended to be used to prevent it. One of the main goals of budget growth is to "cocktail effects", ie, the accumulation of harmful effects of several carcinogenic substances, such as certain pesticides. .

Prevention is beneficial

Finally, the rest of the recommendations relate to ways to raise awareness of the danger. This requires informing the population about the oncology risk by reducing the inequalities in the population from early childhood and pre-school education, and ultimately raising awareness of children. recognition and professionalization of preventive actors.

The Cancer League needs to be reinforced by taking into consideration its recommendations. "Before that, I thought that preventive measures for cancer were 20 or 25 years," says Christophe Leru. "But nowadays we know that we can be effective, including political ones, right now."

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