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The European prospects for PSG were ceased in the wounds of Neymer and Mabapet


Nemor and Klian Mboppe meet with Lille on November 2.
Nemor and Klian Mboppe meet with Lille on November 2. Christian Gartman / Rev.

Is PSG a curse? The Paris Club has denied the idea of ​​winning their two stars, Klian Mboppe and Neymar, on a crucial match for their future in the Champions League against Liverpool on November 28.

"Extending Positive Adapters" And Brazilians «Contusion of right shoulder» For the French: PSG published a diagnosis after being injured on friendly matches of their two stars due to their attack on the beetle on Wednesday.

The 10th number of Saleko is eight minutes after leaving his family, with the right adress, after a half-hour exercise, Mbappé is a bad fall in the right shoulder.

"There is a forty-eight hour care period for the clinical course", writes the club, who will compete against his two stars on Saturday in Luanda Toulouse and play two opponents against Liverpool.

PSG immediately dispatched Dr. Eric Rolland to State de France to take care of Mbappé, who then passed the test examinations at the American Neuilly Hospital, later to his colleague in Brazil.

The concept of traumas: Neymar suffers from a simple constitution for Mbappé

PSG is not allowed to make a mistake

The Diagnosis on Twitter shows a smile on his Twitter page on Thursday, which shows a stronger look at the Frenchman compared to the famous soccer jersey. Olive and Tom he has dropped his shoulder before going back to the episode of this episode.

Neymar's presence is uncertain, but Brazil is pleased with his account with Instagram,"There Is No Important Thing".

Anyone who last season was able to miss the final match for the new club if the Champions League strike on his right foot against the Real Madrid against Real Madrid.

Newspaper Team said that after coming to PSG in 2017, Nimar played 61% of the Paris Club's league games. This figure was 80% in Barcelona in four seasons. "If we take the Champions League, the percentage of games we have played in Paris is 66.7%, and 83.6%wrote.

The PSG, which scored five points from Naples and Liverpool, scored six points and the Red Star, which is scheduled to be held on December 11 in Paris, is one-time more than Belgrade. An error in the first game to win against the bees (3-2).

PSG has won 21 matches in the league with a loss of duet won by five out of eleven Parisian goals in the Champions League this season, with a double win over Wednesday's basketball players. Two PSG players worth over 400 million euros, at the bottom, to reach this famous level in the Champions League.

Barza's name

One of the greatest achievements of the Paris Club's European history is that after the attack from Di, PSG fans should not be disturbed, at least by the method of Cao. Maria, Kavani and Draxler, February 14, 2017.

In the same evening, the Paris Club won the first leg of the Champions League knockout stages with a score of 4: 0 from Barcelona. Uruguay and the other German.

There are several ways to defeat the German trainer Thomas Touchel Mboppe and the possible Niremar series. But at the same time – not far off – was in the middle of the attack, then three trio (Verratti, Rabiot and Matuidi). However, if Di Maria did a good preparation for the season, Draxler was indifferent and Kawani could see the relationship between Neymar and Mbapa.

Only science can now rely on this PSG Qatari version, which is no more than a quarter since it bought it in 2011.

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