Saturday , January 22 2022

The first sign of a young wheelchair-invalid is Primer, a sign of the city mark


Palacissians at the Primark store in Toulouse, Capitol Square. – H. Menal – 20 minutes

  • Of course, Kevin F. a service dog was unable to access the Primark store in Toulouse last Saturday, as it was forbidden to enter.
  • Providing information on social media, Kevin supported the Accessibility Assistant, who wrote to the store's management.
  • Primargs apologized and said he would teach his staff not to repeat that situation.

A week ago, a young man in wheelchair Kevin wanted to go to the brand new Primark in Toulouse. On her side, Jembe, her service dog, is accompanied by everyone.

However, during a flight, the guard told him that the animals were banned from the store. Kevin knows his rights and can not be disassembled, indicating that he does not replace it.

In social networks, he admitted guilt and met in other shops in the Orange City. "The labels take responsibility for their responsibilities and teach their agents, and we must always justify it," he said on his Facebook page.

The young man apologized to Primarx Kevin, who answered directly.

The deputy mayor writes to save the administration

"We consider the issue of access to people with disabilities very important. Service dogs are allowed in all our shops ".

In fighting for the implementation of the law, Kevin supported the city of Toulouse. Responsible for accessibility, Deputy Mayor Christophe Alves shared the letter sent to the Irish store.

He has been reminding since 1987 that "the law gathers dog owners to access public transport, public places."

"I was shocked and surprised. I wrote this letter to remind and remember pedagogy. I do not blame the agent for the transfer of information. This makes me think about the news campaign for different brands, because it will not be the first one, "she said.

In turn, "Primarca" provided additional trainings to our staff and our security teams to avoid duplication of the situation ".

Kevin sent a letter to State Secretary for Disabled Sophie Clusel.

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