Saturday , October 23 2021

The opponents welcome the Auditor's report


The team against the privatization of the Toulouse-Blanca airport has now assessed that the Court of Auditors emerged due to the fact that the infrastructure of this infrastructure was "Duplicate Games of Privatization," in "daylight" and demanded to be removed again.

READING – Privatization of airports: Auditors' court urges Toulouse not to repeat "failure"

From the outset, the team conceals the absolutely opulent operation and we are constantly pursuing public interest, "he wrote," still refuses to sell the airport. " "The Process of Privatization of Toulouse, Lyon and Nice Airports", the Auditors' Court recalled that in April 2015, Toulouse-Blanc's parent company sold 49.99% of its capital to Casil Europe, China's Shandong High Speed ​​Group and Hong Kong Investment Fund Friedmann The French holding company founded by Pacific Asset Management, the "airport management without experience without experience", "lack of financial transparency" and its "links with the Chinese government authorities".

This "deliberate" report timely "welcomes the anti-privatization", as the Paris Appellate Administrative Court of Paris "should examine the application for a privatization failure next year." After the privatization, the group denied the sale of the "We lost in 2017" with the Parisian court, the lawyer of the group Me Kristof Leguevec told AFP. "This case will begin before the Paris Appeal Court, usually starting in January 2019," said Legouvaces. "Justice is based on this institution's report, which has been blame for three times: financial error, spatial planning, and erroneous fault."

In February last year, the state decided not to sell 10.01% of its regional airport hub in the capital of Toulouse Airport, the majority of Chinese Casil Europe. The public and minority shareholders – the region, department, Toulouse Megapolis and the CCI, and 40% of the airport managing companies – want this decision to keep the company "long-term presence".

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