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The Paris Bureau remains cautious in the absence of Wall Street (-0.41%),



The Paris Bureau remains cautious in the absence of Wall Street (-0.41%),

Thursday morning in Paris, the Bureau was cautious (-0.41%), measured by the uncertainty of Breckens and the confluence around the Italian budget and the closed areas for the Thanksgiving Day of the United States.

At 13:46 (12:46 GMT), CAC lost 19.17 points to 4,956.33 points. The day before this figure was 1.03%.

The Paris coast is slightly lower, and the route has not changed.

"European markets are red," said CMD Markets expert David Madden, "investors worried about the Italian financial situation."

The Italian populist coalition has confirmed its willingness to keep the 2019 budget despite the fact that the European Commission has rejected it on Thursday.

"Breckles are still on the agenda, and this time attention will be in Gibraltar," says Maden.

The European Commission has warned the EU and the UK that the Gibraltar and Fisheries Issues should "be resolved" as they have reached a preliminary agreement on post-three-day partnerships with the United States. Brussels summit.

In the publications on absence of American investors, the indicators are poor on the agenda. France's business climate figures released by November were announced in November, which remained stable regardless of employment prospects.

It also reviews the minutes of the European Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee meeting on October 25.

– Renault a little lower –

Renault has dropped substantially in the value range (from -0.44% to 48.74 euros), while Nissan's giant board of directors has released a well-known president, Carlos Gosn, in Tokyo on Thursday.

Remy Kintertingu had 4.3% of its semi-annual net profit, from 0.22% to 104.40 euros, due to the current account deficit, in spite of the fact that the current account deficit was "stable" in terms of current account deficit, despite "the negative effect on currency adverse effectiveness".

Pierre and Vacances groups, after a four-year strategic plan, have dropped from 3.17% to 14.04 euros aimed at returning to "stable" returns for European leisure homes. net loss per annum.

LDC lost 3.76% to 97.20 euros. The poultry farm (Loué & s Chicken) expects its operating profit this year, which is below the past year, after consolidating four new companies, including this year's Milk and feed crops.

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