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Theft in Herault: The owner was released under judicial control


He was suspected of organizing the robbery of his home, when he was assassinated in October 2017 by Servian (Herault), while Daniel Malgurez was released on trial on Tuesday after being held for one year.

"They have no evidence against me, they lead me to a meeting because it was a gesture, but I had to save my life." Daniel explained to Malgues that he should not be in the custody of Herold for his judicial executions.

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"If there is any evidence against me, I sell myself and transfer it to Cancer League."

"The War Ended"

Lawyer Jean-Marc Darrageade said: "We are not fighting his innocence," said lawyer Jean-Marc Darrida. "We fight the most peacefully, try to go, and finally, I do not know well that judges decided to release them not a month ago."

On October 5, 2017, Daniel Malgres, Owner of the Saint-Adrien Kindergarten, Servi's 4 hectare land, shot dead one of them, robbed the house and beat them, his wife, François.


Danielle Malgurez, who spoke of "legal defense", was initially There was accusation of "murder" and was released under the judicial control. But the second thief was arrested in Perpignan and charged in mid-October 2017, accused of robbery.

Then, on October 20, Daniel Malgurez was sentenced to imprisonment participation in theft activities. However, in mid-December 2017, the Montpelic Appeals Court's Investigative Chamber noted that French law should not hold a marriage between spouses. There are many turns in the background of the investigation sunny part of spousesshe has been torn for several months.

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