Thursday , August 11 2022

Tilde de Fañch: The prosecutor's office addresses a cassation complaint


Rennes – Has the prosecutor's office in Rennes been able to refer to the law on Thursday after the Court of Appeal ruled to grant a 19-month consent to preserve the Bronze Names? he told the AFP.

«Claiming today by @PG_CA_RennesOn Thursday, the first president of the Rennes Court of Appeal upheld his decision on Monday and reaffirmed his decision to verify the use of the language under the name Faunch, as it did not affect the franchise policy in French. Article 2 of the Constitution does not specify.

The prosecutor's office, which contacted AFP, confirmed this information.

On May 11, 2017, Breton was denied subscription until Faung was born on May 11, 2016, when he was dismissed by the Deputy Civilian Status Officer, Quimper (Finistere), Deputy Mayor Isabelle Le La (MoDem). The prosecutor then took the Quimper court to respect the French language.

In their view, on 13 September 2017, the Court would "keeping the unity of our country and striving for equality, which is different from our country of birth, undermines the will of legitimacyIn particular, the court upheld its decision under the ministry of 2014, which sets out the list of restrictive lists of sixteen signs (accent, meditation, cedilla, etc.) that can be used in the civil registry.

But in the Rennes Court of Appeal "unknown to FrenchIt will meet in a number of dictionaries (French Academy, Pitt Robert or French Larousse) and will use the state in decree appointments on behalf of the state appointed by the President of the Republic.

«Of course, the final decision on the use of the language in the original language can be applied to the surname of the person concerned, but the name can be used in the language, which identifies a certain name when it is born, which can not be treated differently under the conditions of discrimination,"Said the court of appeals.

The Appellate Court also recollected the 2002 Rennes prosecutor as well as the Paris Registrar in 2009 and recalled Faunch by his nickname.

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