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UNAIDS offers universal access to screening


UNAIDS supports universal access to screening to overcome the epidemic that started Thursday in Abidjan during a campaign to mark the 30th World AIDS Day.

"We need universal access to HIV testing, which should be accessible as a pregnancy test," said Michel Sidibe, UNHCR Director General. Report of the agency "Power is power".

In 2017, around 75% of people living with HIV "have learned their status", compared to 66% in 2015, according to Mr. Sidibe.

"But we could not overcome the fight: we reduce security guards that lead to the recovery of the epidemic," Mr. Sidibey, Abidjan warned. UNAIDS will eliminate the epidemic by 2030.

"Screening is a starting point, but the treatment and ending of viral load is important to overcome the epidemic," he said, "the stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV" is the main obstacle to "caring for patients.

The West and Central Africa, and the Middle East in North Africa – are two of the most dangerous regions in the world. About half of HIV-positive people (48%) know HIV status in West and Central Africa, and 40% of HIV-positive patients receive antiretroviral therapy (50% and 29% respectively). East).

In West and Central Africa, about 10 million people do not know that HIV is infected.

Insufficient national funding, poor health system, and health care costs explain this situation, particularly with regard to discrimination against the victims (men who have sex with men, prostitutes in sex with men and sex with men). drug users).

– fight against stigma –

Côte d'Ivoire was financially assisted by the United States in three decades. The number of patients who were treated was increased twice and screening coverage was increased four-fold to two-thirds of the population.

"The first pillar of the fight against AIDS – especially screening for key populations, but" access to treatment "and" stigma "remain" key issues. " Camille Anoma, director of Espace Confiance, specialized clinic in Abidjan for the LGBT population.

CD4 AIDS screening device in Abidjan on December 8, 2017 (AFP / Archives - SIA KAMBOU)

CD4 AIDS screening device in Abidjan on December 8, 2017 (AFP / Archives – SIA KAMBOU)

Côte d 'Ivuar has screening materials and antiretroviral therapy, and despite the improvements, much work is still being done, says Dr. Anoma. And "the power of Ivoeteers must be brave enough to speak out against stigma."

Coalition Plus and Aides, a nonprofit NGO, have, in turn, made a statement in the world that the "international community has failed to cope with the AIDS mortality", in particular the lack of care for children. AIDS – related opportunistic diseases.

According to these nongovernmental organizations in 2017, tuberculosis has a population of around 400,000 AIDS worldwide and over 180,000 cryptococcal meningitis.

"It is necessary to treat all the infected people", "By 2020, the number of deaths of HIV can be reduced by half by continuing the care of opiates", – said the President of the Coalition. Read more, Hakima Himmic.

"There is no secret to lower AIDS mortality: more money is needed from the international community, including rich countries," said Aides President Aurelien Beaucamp.

In 2017, approximately 37 million people were HIV-positive, of which about 22 million were treated. According to UNIDIDS, last year AIDS killed 940,000 people.

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