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Wall Street is trying to jump, but the oil is returned


Wall Street was abandoned on Wednesday, after the cruelty of last sessions, technological resources and then refused to be distributed. Thus, S & P500 is expected to grow by 0.8% to today's trades Nasdaq Finding 1.1%. the same apple, the biggest victim of the last session, will rise to 1% in the preliminary session.

Dow in red in 2018

Let us recall that yesterday it suffered from an American rating, fear of economic weakness, Fed of money, trade wars or sudden price fluctuations. DJIA yesterday dropped 2.21 percent, while Nasdaq dropped 1.7 percent. Dow has shown negative results since the beginning of the year (-1%).

Hopes in Europe, OECD remain unimportant

This Wednesday, with the support of the Italian banking sector, some purchases in Europe and Rome are estimated to be cheaper than the expectations of compromise on budgetary issues. Investors are unlikely to reduce OECD's global growth forecast (in 2019 and 2020, a 3.5% decline is expected, compared to 3.7% this year).

Keep in mind

American Stock Exchanges will be closed tomorrow on Thursday for the Thanksgiving Day and will be reopened for Friday abbreviated session.

Hopeless statistics first in the Atlantic area

In the US economic news this Wednesday, October 2018, the new orders for long-term commodities fell by 4.4% compared to the previous month, a -2.5% consensus and -0, revised September (downward) %. Meanwhile, non-transportable long-term commodity orders have increased by 0.1% compared to the previous month, and + 0.4% and -0.6% in the previous month. It should be noted that the orders in September were initially +0.8% (excluding transport, 0.1%).

During the week ending November 17, weekly unemployment claims in the United States reached 224,000, up from 215,000 consensus and 221,000 for revised (upgraded) weeks of the week.

The index – finally – the US consumer mood, measured by the University of Michigan in November, is 16 hours (consensus 98.3). Until October 2018, resale of existing houses will be announced in 16 hours by the National Association of Realtors (5.21 million units). The Conference Index of the US Conventional Leaders Index in October is at the same time (consensus + 0.1% in comparison with the previous month).

Finally, the US Energy Ministry's weekly report will be published at 16:30 (consensus + 2, 5 million barrels of raw material reserves – a strategic reserve), ending on November 16, the US Department of Energy.

You need to follow some quarterlys

defect, Shoes, BJ wholesale trade company i AutodeskLast Wall Street last night announced the quarterly results. Deir, giants of agricultural machinery, in turn, are now being published in the market.

The dollar index in the foreign exchange market has dropped to 96.5 (-0.2%).

The oil rises up to the surface

Trump has "floated" on Wednesday, in social network Twitter, on the black gold price. "The price of oil is rising, like the reduction of taxes for America and the World, with $ 54 per dollar and $ 82. Let's get back to Saudi Arabia! "So the US president has launched a social media network, two AMERICA FIRST and AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AMERICA tweets.

In the Nymex WTI (January contract) barrel today ranges from 2.3% to $ 54.7, and Brent to 2%. API (American Petroleum Institute) unveiled an unexpected 1.5 million tonnes of oil in the United States yesterday. He showed the barrel down. Therefore, the Energy Information Department's report will be monitored at 16:30. If this was a case, it would be the first reduction of weekly domestic stock in the United States within ten weeks.

After the new comments by Saudi Arabia Donald Trump oil prices fell by 6.6%. The US light crude (WTI) barrel price fell by 6.6% to 53.43 dollars Tuesday night. During the meeting, the lowest level since October 2017 has dropped to $ 52.8.

Donald Trump confirmed that Saudi Arabia was "the ultimate ally" of the United States. Despite the Hashoggi case, the United States will not impose sanctions on the King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "The United States intends to remain a reliable partner for Saudi Arabia in the interests of our country, Israel and all other partners in the region," he said.

Saudi Arabia "works closely with us and responded very quickly to my request to keep the oil prices at reasonable prices," he said. Last week, Donald Tramp blamed Twitter for falling oil production in Saudi Arabia and the OPEC: "Oil prices should be much lower than the current price". However, experts have questioned whether Raya was supporting Tompp's current production by supporting it.

Saudi Arabia also expressed its intention to reduce the production of 500,000 barrels of oil per day unilaterally in December last December. The leader of OPEC, referring to sources in Reuters, told the other cartel members and allies, including Russia, about $ 1.4 million.

Stable trade intensity

The situation between the United States and China is still complicated before the meeting of the Chinese President Xi Jinping with Donald Trump at the end of this month at the end of the summit. Argentina G20. China's state-run television channel believes that Beijing's current e-commerce sales need to improve its import-import policies. China hopes to maintain its consumption by simplifying import duties on these goods …

It should be remembered that the US has imposed an additional $ 250 billion in import taxes in Beijing. Additional "tariffs" have been introduced to nearly 110 billion products imported from the United States. The Trump Administration threatens all Chinese imports (more than $ 500 billion) by using additional rates.

The trade remains moderate between the two countries' officials. US Vice President Mike Pence says that if China does not change its practice, the tariffs will not be halted. The Xinjiang-based Pacific Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC), held in Papua New Guinea on the weekend, and Xi Jinping's exchange between the President of the People's Republic of China.

apple Wall Street was upgraded on Tuesday at less than $ 177, and lost 4.8% after losing 4% in Nasdaq. At the beginning of October, the record of $ 1,100 billion has dropped by 24 percent since its historical value. Current capitalization – $ 840 billion … Goldman Sachs yesterday downgraded Apple to $ 182, reducing its price by repeating its "neutrality". Experts Road Hall justified its decision, citing press releases about production abatement, and a general lack of enthusiasm around the iPhone XR.

Last week, the title was the same Goldman SachsAfter sculptures after Lumentum and Japan Display alerts. GS later lowered its price by 13% to $ 240 to $ 209, confirming its "neutral" appearance. It was a floppy flop, because the broker raised $ 200 to $ 240 in September, and then acknowledged that the iPhone X was mistaken about the sale and stock price. Reduced IPhones sales are made for XR, XS Max and XS products.

BJ wholesale club announced third quarter accounts. Revenues grew by 4.5% to $ 3.22 billion. In the same shop sales increased by 1.9%. A year ago, the profit was $ 54.4 million compared to $ 22.8 million ($ 0.25 per share). ($ 0.39 per share). Adjusted bpa – $ 0.39. Experts estimated on average $ 0.34 quarterly, $ 3.2 billion. During the year, the group raised its earnings and EPS goals.

defect presented its results in the third quarter. A year ago the profit was $ 269 million, compared to $ 229 million ($ 0.58 per share). (US $ 0.69 per share). Revenues totaled $ 4.1 billion a year earlier against $ 3.8 billion. The dollar grows. Experts expect an average quarterly EPS of $ 0.63 per barrel on average $ 4.6 billion. In the same store sales were up 4% for the old fleet, 7% for Gap and 2% for Banana Republic. In 2018, the group ranges from $ 2.55 to $ 2.60 ($ 2.55 / $ 2.70 over the past) because of a stable or slightly higher "comparable" sales.

Shoes opened third quarter accounts. Net profit was $ 130 million a year earlier compared to $ 102 million ($ 0.81 per share). US dollars. Adjusted EPS – $ 0.95. Revenues were $ 1.86 billion. US $ 1.87 billion compared to the previous year. Experts on average about $ 1.85 billion. An average EPS expectation of US $ 0.92 per year is expected for US $. In the same shop sales increased by 2.9%.

Autodesk published its third quarter results. Net loss amounted to $ 119.8 million a year ago. ($ 0.55 per share), compared with $ 23.7 million loss. Reaching $ 0.11 per share. On an adjusted basis, the earnings per share is $ 0.29. Revenues compared to the previous year amounted to $ 661 million against $ 515 million. Experts cut an average of $ 0.27 per quarter and earn $ 641 million. In the fourth quarter, the BP substitutes BP from $ 0.40 to $ 0.44 for revenues from $ 700 to $ 710 million. Autodesk will also conclude an agreement to purchase PlanGrid, which has acquired a $ 875 million construction product software product.

Deir presented its fiscal results for the fourth quarter. Earnings a year earlier compared with $ 510 million ($ 1.57 per share) earnings were $ 785 million ($ 2.42 per share). On a regulated basis, bpa is $ 2.30. Revenues grew by 17% to $ 9.42 billion. It's a dollar. On average, experts estimated at $ 9.6 billion. The quarterly EPS expects $ 2.44 per kilow. In the fiscal year 2019, the Group earned a net profit of $ 3.6 billion. It generates 7% of US dollars.

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