Monday , January 30 2023

"Why do not I believe in forgiveness?" Mehdi Miklât shows his polemic tweet in the book


DAILY – meets with former Bondy journalist Yann Bartes and apologizes for his "mistakes". She also speaks about the lingering media she suffered, and she tries to "understand" why she writes her own paths.

Mehdi Mechlat chose the lamps of the daily, which is Tuesday. Less than two years after the discussion, the former Bondy blog is returning to the experience of the forthcoming Autopsy.

Everything starts in 2017 when ex-tweets are exhumed. Sexual, racism, homophobic remarks … Then a very delicate image appears. In the beginning of 2010, the former chronicler published thousands of hateful Twitter pseudonymes, Marceline Dessams, including: "She regrets Bin Laden's death. He could not do everything "with AIDS Netherlands", "Why are the Jews entitled to take underground? «

"Two anonymous individuals have decided to look up my Twitter account: the Jews, the PD, the Wife and the White, Mehdi Malallat Yann Bartz, who decide to post up to five to twelve to five Twitter".

"I also use it for political purposes"

A disagreement arises. "I live in the middle of my scandal (…) I'm also in the very center of politics … (I) have become evil for my racist people."

When he told Tokyo that she had been hurled down to her best friend when she broke her business, she again apologized. "I realize that these tweets will suffer, but why did not apologize for asking questions?" "Perhaps, we can not apologize in France when we call it Mehdi today, because there is one type of suspect (…). It's easy to block a person's identity. "

Why is this book now without questioning Yannart Bartes? "Today we may say that we are stingy, he has explained himself, apologized, he tells the society, so let's listen to it,

Bondy, 26, was born in Hauts-de-Seine, France, and then released two books, including the "Intercontinental", "Inrocks", and Badroudine Said Abdallah – Threshold. From the opening of these tweets, he tells the story to the theater.

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