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Why "In France there is a wonderful talent", strangers move forward


TELEVISION – Golden Buzzer has been used four times since the start of the new season, "France has a great talent." It was Wednesday, November 21, by clicking on the Marian James button, won by the Dutch team of Oxygen.

However, this new selection for the show's final show has caused many viewers to react and irritate the participation of foreign fans in the program.

Indeed, from the beginning of the 13th season of LFAUIT, four golden quotes offered by the jury have appeared for foreign candidates. It is a pure opportunity, but it is a view that many viewers do not like.

According to them, the show has forgotten the French talent about the name of the teleconference "He has a wonderful talent in France," because we read at the post of many Internet users at Twitter during the show.

There is a constant shock in the public about the true nature of the M6 ​​program. In fact, if the show shows that France has a great talent, it does not mean that it is only for French candidates. Repeated confusion caused by spectators for several years HuffPost M6 chain.

"American Talents" is in French

Speaking to everyone, the program listens to all candidates who do not have a difference in their origin. Operation for foreign versions of the show.

At the moment the M6 ​​is very clear: "The selected candidates are not based on their origin, but occasionally the product sometimes leaves the right to search for foreign applicants, this season, confirms the" Six ", depending on the situation with a Japanese master classroom, not seen in the UK British Got Talent this season.

The channel has taken part in the "American Talent" by wishing magic to the French version of many of the many candidates in the show (including the US version) wizard Enzo Vaine or three-time French-language applicants in French as twins.

It should be noted that the show (all versions) is a great show for those who are falling into the plato. Along with being tempted to win the promised 100,000 euros, the winner will be able to get professional recognition in France or elsewhere. And applicants are well aware, and even try several versions.

After all, this is the decision maker

If Strauss, Kazuhisa, Dana, Oxygen and all other qualified candidates win the jury this year, they are primarily related to the jury and their own emotions.

Also, selecting qualified candidates – Golden Buzzer or Sugar Sammy, Helen Segar, Eric Antoine and Marianne James, but we should not forget the public with the last word by voting in the final for your favorite candidate.

Last year comedian Laura Launna won the 12th season of the show. After the Belgian departure, he chose it with the public, and no one was offended at this time because "Belgium has an amazing talent."

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