Saturday , January 28 2023

You did not know about Scrabble


"Word three times!" Scrabble, a game that loves this word, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. In Paris, this event will be officially opened this weekend in the Forum Hall of Des Holes.

In this regard, France responsible for the relationship with the French federation, asked the young rider of Scrabble, the best words to score the most points at the beginning of the game.

Answer: The most effective word is "triangle" and "beard" because they have three decimal places. In total, each of them has 144 points. Oxydiez brings you 140 points, "cinema", "joki" and "quanzas" 138 points. It's worth noting that the last word will surely not be forgotten immediately: this is the abundance of the official currency of Angola … Like others, this enthusiastic game is that they have their cajol Scrabble's official dictionary at Larousse.

A game born in the United States

Scrabble brand was registered in 1948 in New York. But his founder, Alfred Batts, began to develop well. The grid was installed in 1938. For decades, Scrabble has made many choices: traveling, visually impaired, children, and even chocolate editions in 2004.

It is sold in 121 countries and is translated into 36 languages.

In France there are at least 18,000 people and 700 clubs in the Scrabble Federation. Its monthly magazine has 5200 subscribers.

Annually in France, more than 250 Scrabble games are sold annually.

Scrabble was the theme of Pierre Paladade, now a cult.

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