Thursday , February 2 2023

Advantages of hepatitis B and hepatitis C are unclear


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Whether or not to screen systemic screening for general population or individual risk groups for Cn Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C should remain unanswered due to lack of research on this subject. This is the final report on this topic, based on the results of the IQWiG Institute of Quality Health and Efficiency.

Since May of this year the institute has prepared and published two preliminary reports. After evaluating comments, IQWiG scientists present their latest reports. The main outcome: In the absence of clear evidence, the screening benefit coefficient of hepatitis B and hepatitis C remains unclear.

The Institute has also conducted model research on screening for risk group during its analysis. However, they were unable to prove, for example, the question of the extent to which the hypotheses of these models are applicable to the German context.

IQWiG also assessed the guidelines for its reports. Guidelines on Screening for Risk Groups for hepatitis B are based on inconsistent assumptions.

On the other hand, some hepatitis C guidelines have foresee assumptions about potential benefits and disadvantages of risk groups and actual births and, on this basis, have not denied any screening for hepatitis C.

Additional screening is important, as IQWiG scientists recommend, if such screening of groups that threaten hepatitis C is minimized, and the ability to modify the program if needed.

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